The Regime Media vs. Truth Social

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  • 03/02/2023

Being a regime media shill means never having to say you were wrong, let alone offer an apology.  These Leftist touts believe they have a license to lie, misinform, disinform, propagandize, and parse and parcel out facts to fit their paranoiac narratives.  All the while, these hubristic commissars of accountability journalism presume the power to declare dissent “disinformation”; and censor and silence any and all contrary facts and views.

Once, the late Rush Limbaugh referred to these thinly veiled activists as “the Drive-By Media.”  But in the continuing communications revolution rife with social media and the Big Tech it birthed, the purveyors of “fake news” don’t drive-by anymore; they run over their latest victim, back up, and park atop them in perpetuity to make that poor soul’s life a never-ending nightmare.  Even their victim’s submission or cancellation will not suffice for these itchy trigger-fingered trolls.  The regime media and their brass-knuckled Big Tech goons are the enforcers of cultural Marxism; and they and their woke audience need heads on pikes to frighten and stifle other dissenters and competitors.

The instance of Donald Trump’s new social media venture, Truth Social, and its CEO, the Hon. Devin Nunes (M.C., Ret.), is instructive.

While in the U.S. House, Nunes was the first and most dogged champion of uncovering the truth about the Democrats’ institutionalized corruption and weaponization of the federal government against their political opponents that resulted in the Russia-gate lie.  Lionized by those who demand and deserve better than sedition in their public servants (be they elected or appointed), Nunes was nonetheless continually slandered and smeared by the regime media on behalf of their current and former governmental “sources,” many of whom were often intimately involved with the creation and perpetuation of the Russia-gate lie.  That Nunes preformed his duties to his country with the utmost rectitude and was proven correct in his findings mattered little to the regime media.  Nunes was a marked man.  Forever.

Once Nunes made the transition from Congress to CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group that operates Truth Social, the regime media licked its chops and honed its knives.  Trump, Nunes, and Truth Social constituted the trifecta of targets for their incessant invective; and the ambrosia of the godless for their clickbait junkies.

To date, the regime media has focused on the roll out of Truth Social.  While the roll out has not gone as smoothly as hoped, the regime media has sought to cast as much negative light as possible.  As one observer noted: “According to the hit pieces, Truth Social onboarded more than a million people in about a month.  But they minimize that by comparing their estimate of its total audience to those of other platforms that have been operating for years.” 

This is not merely a matter of continuing to dump on Trump and Nunes.  It is a matter of protecting the regime media’s pals in Big Tech, who disseminate their agit-prop and censor countervailing facts on behalf of their fake news cohorts, such as happened with the Russia-gate lie and Hunter Biden’s “Russian disinformation” laptop.  For despite its newness and the relatively small but growing number of users, what Truth Social’s engagement levels are revealing is Big Tech’s shadow banning of conservative voices.

Just the News’ John Solomon related his experience

“[W]hen I tweeted out a story Thursday on 20 confirmed cases of voting illegalities and irregularities, the post attracted just 871 likes and 551 retweets on Twitter by 7 p.m., while the exact same post on Truth Social produced 1,480 likes and 1,030 re-truths. My Twitter account has 866,500 followers, while my Truth Social account has just 24,700.”

In sum, the regime media wants one to think users and followers is the critical metric for measuring Truth Social.  The reality is that engagement is the key.  After all, what good is having one million followers if they can’t see your posts?  The real threat to the autocratic Left is conservatives connecting with each other and the electorate at large.

Writing at Bongino.comMatt Palumbo explained how brazen Big Tech has gotten in its almost paranoiac censorship of conservatives: 

“Twitter regularly openly censors conservative media, with the Hunter Biden laptop and countless COVID stories being notable and memorable examples. That right wing accounts across the board would be seeing their voices suppressed on Twitter wouldn’t at all be shocking given what they’re comfortable doing openly.”

Yes, for the regime media there is a method to their meanness: the perpetuation of their presumed power to control public opinion.  But with every new user, Truth Social erodes the regime media’s and Big Tech’s censorious control of public discourse.  As CEO Nunes told Solomon:

“What you're seeing is not only do we have real users that are real people, we also don't have what you see on the other platforms [bots and shadow banning]…  [O]ur team is working around the clock, they continue to work around the clock, and we continue to let more and more people on every single hour.”

And every single moment of every engagement on Truth Social the regime media and Big Tech’s intellectual inquisition ticks toward its demise.  When it happens, for Messrs. Trump and Nunes and Truth Social there will be no regime media recriminations, reflections, or apologies this time any more than last time.  But with the regime media’s captive audience freed from its truth curtailing censorship, who’d bother to read them anyway?  

As he describes himself:  The product of a misspent youth, the Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter (M.C., Ret.) is a guitarist, author, occasional radio co-host, and recovering politician.  He is a former U.S. Congressman from Michigan having represented that state’s 11th Congressional district from 2003-2012.

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