The Democrats’ Magical Thinking Redux: The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Appeasement

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  • 03/02/2023

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Democratic Party is its penchant for magical thinking.  Indeed, when discussing their Leftist foreign policy, it makes more sense for one to translate the word “diplomacy” as “magic.”  Nowhere is the Democrats’ magical thinking more readily apparent than in their lust to negotiate a deal with the Iranian regime over the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Appeasement” – oops, “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the goal of which is to ensure Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful.

Four elementary questions exemplify the Democrats’ magical foreign policy and that of some of its cohorts in the P5+1 regarding the Iranian nuke pact.  

First, Iran claims its nuclear program is peaceful, and it has no intention of building a nuclear weapon.  So, why is the JCPOA necessary?  

Hmmm….  This is a tough one.  After all, negotiations require trust between the parties, namely Iran and the P5+1 – the U.K., France, Germany, the European Union, communist China, and Putin’s Russia.  Trust isn’t the first virtue that springs to mind when examining the relations between the members of the negotiating team’s roster.  (More on that, below.)  And honesty sure isn’t the forte of the Iranian regime.

Enter Democrats’ magical thinking: Iran is simply staking out a negotiating position, one born of long years of defending itself against the U.S.’ provocations.  Once the deal is signed, Iran will be secure and free to be honest in its diplomatic dealings.  

True, they will also be secure and free enough to continue dissembling about what nukes they may or may not have, because in the Democrats’ feckless frenzy for a deal there won’t be incorporated thorough inspections of the regime’s nuclear facilities and program.  This will lead Saudi Arabia and other nations in the region to commence their own pursuit of nuclear weapons.  And, our ally Israel will face the greatest threat to their survival from a murderous regime whose state goal is the destruction of the Jewish state and its citizens.  

Secondly, Iran is the acknowledged number one exporter of terrorism throughout the world.  It already feels secure enough to demand “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!”; fire missiles at American troops; threaten to assassinate American leaders, etc.  Why does dropping sanctions on this terrorist regime facilitate anything but more terrorism and fuel their quest for nuclear weapons (which, by the nuke pact’s very existence, the P5+1 believes is the goal)?  This is an especially pertinent consideration since the nuke pact does not address Iran’s terrorist exportation and long-range missile capacity. 

Here, the Democrats’ magical thinking becomes even more strained: If you oppose the Iranian nuke pact, you support war with Iran.  First performed by the illusionist Ben Rhodes, the trick here is to – voila! – turn those with reasonable concerns about and/or opposition to the Iran pact into war mongers; turning the heinous Iranian regime that is busy exporting terror and firing missiles at people into the pacific victims of an imperialism; and making Neville Chamberlain appear a hard-nosed realist. 

Thirdly, as members of the Shanghai Cooperating Organization, why would communist China and Putin’s Russia negotiate in good faith to limit the power of its observer member and their ally Iran’s ability to make their shared enemies miserable?  Indeed, as communist China has declared unrestricted warfare against the hegemon – i.e., America – and Putin Russia is hell-bent upon revanchism, it stands to reason these neo-imperialist nations fully intend to covertly assist Iran in developing a nuclear weapon.  It further stands to reason they are playing with their American and European P5+1 partners to help Iran get out from under sanctions, which will immensely strengthen their bloodthirsty ally’s ability to continue subjugating the Iranian people at home and killing and maiming innocents abroad – so long as they are not in China or Russia.     

In a death-defying feat of magical thinking, the Democrats aver that: Xi Jinping, who is committing genocide against the Uyghurs, and Vladimir Putin, who is butchering Ukrainians, are humanitarians altruistically devoted to bending the arc of history toward…something or other; and can be relied upon to assist in the implementation and monitoring of the nuke deal; and honor future sanctions that may arise against Iran for any violations.  

Finally, assuming Democrats are  deluded (and they are), what explains the complicity in the Iran nuke deal of the other “P5+1” members, the European Union, France, Germany, the United Kingdom?  

In their hubris, Europe plows ahead with their Leftist (by an American political calculus) “nuanced” diplomacy that over the past century has presented humanity with two world wars, the Holocaust, ethnic cleansing, fascism, and communism.  Why?  Because over that century, Europe has become accustomed to having its messes cleaned up by the United States.  With a Democratic administration in the U.S., the Europeans’ will lose the smug satisfaction of pretending they are intellectually and morally superior to their Republican former counterparts; but the Europeans will gain the ability to spread the blame when the JCPOA swindle goes the way of the Munich Pact.  Oh, and there is a boatload of money to be made by these nations’ corporate titans by trading with Iran.

For their own sundry reasons, be they insipid or insidious, in the Democrats’ and their P5+1 comrades’ lunatic lust to appease and prop up the hideous Iranian regime, this is where their bag of magical thinking becomes a pillow case over your head as they take you along for a ninety-mile an hour ride (in an electric vehicle) down a dead-end street terminating at the razor’s edge of a real apocalypse.  

And, in this latest reboot of “Peace in Our Time,” once these solipsistic poltroons put the world on the nuclear precipice, the Democrats’ magical thinking won’t be able to wish cast away the abyss.

As he describes himself:  The product of a misspent youth, the Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter (M.C., Ret.) is a guitarist, author, occasional radio co-host, and recovering politician.  He is a former U.S. Congressman from Michigan having represented that state’s 11th Congressional district from 2003-2012.

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