Freedom Loving Canadians Need Support from the Land of the Free

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  • 03/02/2023

I have an admitted soft spot for Canadians.  They are about the nicest people you would ever want to meet.  I once had an uncomfortable encounter with a Canadian airline worker when I had lost my ID before a flight.  Despite being angry with me, I was still treated better than I would normally be just in ordering a sandwich at a typical U.S. major metropolitan area restaurant.  Canadians seem to be almost inherently kind.

Now, however, Canadians are getting kind of angry, and that anger manifested itself in a very peaceful protest in the nation’s capital city of Ottawa this past weekend.  Truckers from all over Canada (up to 100,000 according to some reports) converged on Emperor Trudeau’s masked city to protest the vaccine requirements for truckers specifically and the totalitarian Chinese coronavirus restrictions in general.  Canadians are not typically the type to protest.  That is more of a rebellious American behavior.  This rare public display of frustration indicates that even folks known for ice hockey and full-bodied lagers have their limits.

As would be anticipated, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the white-privileged child of either Pierre Trudeau or Fidel Castro (uncertain pending DNA testing) condemned the protests by labeling them as everything they were not.  Here is a portion of what he said:

There is a right to protest, there is a right to make your voices heard, loudly and clearly. There is not a right to shut down our democracy or our democratic processes, there is not a right to abuse, intimidate and harass your fellow citizens...  We won't give in to those who fly racist flags. We won't cave to those who engage in vandalism or dishonor the memory of our veterans…But also, there are people who are fiercely opposed to vaccination. Who don’t believe in science. Who are often misogynist, often racist too

No democratic process was shut down.  There was no evidence of racism. Citizen harassment?  Dishonoring Veterans?  Misogyny?  None of the above.   This was pure demagoguery from a weak, pathetic little man who has never worked a day in his life.  Justin Trudeau is witnessing an uprising of the working class, the muscular class as Victor Davis Hanson has described them.  That scares him because he knows, deep down he knows, that these people are just plain tougher than he is.

His own personal weakness hasn’t stopped Trudeau from using his power of office to trample on the rights of Canadian citizens.  Those citizens were very trusting of Trudeau and their various levels of government during the early stages of the pandemic.  They thought, “Maybe they know more than we do?  Maybe they are just trying to protect us?  Maybe they have our best interests at heart?”  Compared to Americans, Canadians were far more compliant in adhering to lockdowns, wearing masks, and getting vaccinated.  Their trust and acquiescence have been rewarded with increasing levels of restrictions being imposed as each prior level of restrictions sets a threshold of tolerance.  

This past weekend’s protest suggests that for Canadians what was once tolerable is now becoming intolerable.  Some polls of Canadian citizens show a majority in support of the truckers’ protest.  Are a majority of Canadians to be then considered as racists and misogynists?   While that is the inference of their Castro-like Prime Minister, I think its more likely that Canadians have finally had their fill with a foaming head of totalitarianism.

What are we as Americans supposed to do to support this sort of revolutionary spirit evidenced in our neighbor to the north?  How do we assist those in Canada who are wanting to fight for their freedom against tyranny?  In a time when our media are obsessed with the tensions between Russian and Ukraine, a far more valuable piece of real estate that shares our border is the under hostile rule of a tyrant.  The United States needs to remember it is the Canadian people, not the structures of government, who have fought beside us in two World Wars and have joined with our special forces in countless military engagements.  It is to them we owe allegiance, not to the halls of their parliament.

Effective immediately our government needs to impose sanctions on Canada.  We need to cease trade and choke off their access to U.S. markets until Trudeau takes his boot off of their throat.  You will say, “But, Charlie, those sanctions would harm the very people we are wanting to help.”  That sentiment is both true and reflexive.  Canadians know that freedom isn’t free.  They’ve proven that by standing beside Americans and sacrificing their lives in the past.  It is almost condescending to think that they would not be able to sustain some degree of sacrifice in order to fight for their freedom in the present.

“But, Charlie, not all Canadians agree with the protesters.”  Also true, but what kind of people do we want to support in Canada or anywhere else around the globe?  We want to support those who embrace the ideas of individual liberty not those who favor the ideology of collectivism.

Justin Trudeau is a tyrant who clutches a skim foaming latte instead of a sword.  He is weak.  The United States should do everything it can to exploit that weakness and help those oh-so-polite Canadians fight for their freedom.  We are used to such fights.  Americans are subject matter experts in fighting for individual liberty.  It is time for us to step up and lend a hand.  I realize it is doubtful that our government will assist because the current administration shares Trudeau’s totalitarian philosophy.  That doesn’t mean it is wrong to call for action.

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