Can Placeholder President Biden Save the Seat?

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  • 03/02/2023

Placeholders are used routinely in everything from wedding table settings to television show scheduling.  Anyone who has ever planned anything without yet having complete information is familiar with the idea of knowing that something, or someone, goes here, “but I’m not sure what or who just yet.”  While we are accustomed to the use of placeholders for such trivial matters as who will be John’s plus-one at the reception, we don’t normally consider using them in matters as important as who will be running the most powerful nation on earth.  And yet, that is exactly what the Democratic party has done to the United States.  They have promoted, elected, and propped-up a placeholder president.  

Meet Joe Biden, the man who is trying to save the seat for the next Democrat to come along and finish off our transition from a representative federalist republic to that of a totalitarian, fascist, “democracy” (more on that seeming contradiction later).  Joe Biden’s presidency is nothing more than a sport coat hung across the back of a tipped chair leaning against a white linen tablecloth covering the Resolute desk.  His image leaves Americans walking by, gazing quizzically, and wondering who it is that eventually is meant to be seated.

The Biden placeholder presidency comes four years later than anticipated and his casting as the leading man came as a surprise to many because the role was originally written to be played by a woman; Hillary Clinton.   The ever-affable Ms. Clinton was to have been elected president in 2016, occupy the office for four-eight years, and then make way for the next Barack Obama to continue the original’s “fundamental transformation” of America into a full socialist state.  Things haven’t gone according to plan, but Democrats have adjusted.  The question before them now is whether or not Biden is capable of saving the seat?

When Barack Obama took office in January of 2009, the arrogant, but charming and smiling, Marxist was planning something that would run beyond his simple two-term limit.  His vision was utopic (or dystopic for those who revile collectivism) and he imagined changing America into what his father and his professors had long ago convinced him it should be. His rule was supposed to be a sort of thousand year…well, I won’t say it, but let’s call it a permanent change.  That’s what “fundamental transformation” meant.

There was one problem.  To take his seat he had surreptitiously unseated Hillary Clinton as the one who was supposed to be queen.  Not a problem.  After Barack’s reign was over, he would simply give her the keys to the country for one to two terms, allow her to exploit her office for good ole’ Clinton personal gain, and when she was finished lining her pockets, Democrats could move along with their socialist plan.

Then along came Donald Trump and dumped the Democrats’ toys all over the floor.  His successful candidacy was not foreseen.  His four years of socialist interruptus set the Obama gang back a bit.  They needed to get the plan back on track.  Trump changed the political landscape so greatly that the country wasn’t quite ready to jump back on board the Hegelian dialectical march toward inevitable socialist perfection.  Transition was required.  Enter Joe Biden, the perfect placeholder president; or is he?

Biden’s presidency is in complete shambles as I write.  His poll numbers have not cratered, they are cratering.  It is an ongoing process.  He has presided over disasters like our surrender of Afghanistan, COVID confusion & deaths, spiking energy prices owing to decreasing domestic supply, and a crime wave that has many American cities feeling like they are a location set for a post-apocalyptic film.  His agenda has been to try to hand out federal money to buy votes, allow two-million illegals into the country in the hopes that someday they can vote, and to try to make it legal for people to vote illegally by promoting an unconstitutional federal vote-fraud bill.  

Dr. Phil might well ask Democrats, “You decided to place an aged, angry man exhibiting clear signs of dementia into the highest office of the land, have him under public scrutiny, and ask him to hang on and not do too much damage to your party over four years.  How’s that working for ya?”

It is likely that even Biden himself knows he is simply a means to an end. His placement into office is a sort of cold, Machiavellian calculation.  There was likely a conversation that went something like this:

“We need a white-haired old man that people feel safe around to sit in a chair for four years and then we can get back to business.  You up for that, Joe?”

“You bet, Barack!  Can I just take a nap before we start?”

Joe Biden knows he is transitional.  He is a bridge between one phase to the other. What is his mission while in office these four years (assuming he makes it four years)?  That mission appears to be clear.  Our Kamikaze president is meant to crash himself onto the deck of the U.S. Constitution and try to destroy as much as he can while destroying himself in the process.  That’s his mission.

The problem for Biden and the Democrats is that the idea of Kamikazes and suicidal destruction is only a metaphor.  This is the real world with real people, 330 million of them, and what is going on in America today is so bad that folks who have previously considered themselves to be “woke” and on board with our journey toward “true democracy” are now instead “waking up” to just what a bad idea all of this is.

A quick note on this “democracy” thing.  The term has become a new buzzword for Democrats, activists, and the MSM.  They say that January 6th was an attack on our democracy.  They say that Republicans passing laws to require voter ID place our democracy in peril.  Political scientists comment everywhere on the future of American democracy.

The only time our founding fathers mentioned democracy was in the context of denouncing it and to explain why the system they were designing did not embrace it.  They knew that democracy sounded good (so do today’s Democrats), but that in reality it simply meant mob rule.  The socialist ruling class today is using the term because it has naïve citizen curb appeal.  Besides, they don’t really want democracy.  They aren’t going to let the mob rule.  They are going to rule.

Back to the “woke.”  The success of the Trump economy created extraordinary wealth for Americans in general and American companies in particular.  It was easy for Amazon to carve $100 million out for BLM when they are still left with billions.  

Woke-ness, however, doesn’t mix well with broke-ness.  As the economy struggles under Biden’s placeholder presidency, people are waking up and companies are about to wake up.  Once they start to face declining cash flow and decreased market share, they are going to move from handing out money to anti-American groups to throwing those same groups out of their office.  Being woke is a luxury that can only afforded by a society that is thriving.  America is no longer thriving.  

The socialist intelligentsia is also stepping back.  Biden is losing his high-level supporters everywhere with his most ardent defenders being reduced to the role of apologists.   People like Chuck Todd and Anderson Cooper have declined in their enthusiasm and Bill Maher is outright hostile.  Everything is collapsing around Joe Biden which was likely the plan.  What cannot be fully accounted for is how Americans will respond to the plan.  Chaos theory is always in play.  The Biden presidency is a water spill.  There is no accounting for where the flow will go.

Anyone who has ever saved a seat knows that here is always the risk that someone is going to come along and take it anyway.  This is a critical moment in history for Republicans.  They need to take advantage of Biden’s ineptitude and get ready to steal that chair.  The one who will follow him is guaranteed not to be so inept.  On the contrary, the one who follows him is likely to be the exact kind of man or woman who Barack Obama originally envisioned.  We simply cannot allow that person to sit down in the chair that Biden is holding.

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