2020 Election Experiment Reveals Sweeping Mail-In Voting Fraud Risks

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  • 08/19/2022

A new review of the 2020 election revealed sweeping risks of fraud and other irregularities when it comes to mail-in voting. 

The America First Policy Institute urged the adoption of rules to make absentee voting more secure. 

Previously, mail-in ballots were reserved for “military members away from home and other individuals who were legitimately unable to vote in person on Election Day because of disability or travel,” the think-tank said in the study. 

However, over the last 20 years, 30 states and Washington D.C. adopted the practice. Oregon was the first.  

“More states adopted these measures during the 2020 Election Cycle, and now only Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Indiana require an excuse to request a mail-in ballot,” the study found. 

“Shockingly,” the report continues, “there is now a widespread effort to make no-excuse absentee ballot measures permanent across all elections.” 

Eight states - California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Vermont and Washington - have made universal mail-in voting permanent, Just the News reports. 

Due to the pandemic, mass mail-in voting was implemented in many states. Drop boxes were installed for voters to drop off their ballots “oftentimes with no security or chain of custody to show their security,” the report said. “This removed any obstacles from ballots being illegally trafficked.” 

Adding to the weaknesses of mass mail-in voting is the problem of inaccurate and outdated voter rolls, which, in some cases, led to thousands of people receiving ballots from multiple states, as well as votes being cast under dead people’s names. 

Citing the need for standards "to instill greater security in the process" of mail-in voting, the AFPI report offers a series of recommendations, including:

  • procedures that would guarantee "legal ballots are secured and counted quickly," ensuring only legal ballots are cast, and matching mailed ballots "to their envelopes after being opened to secure future authentication procedures and audits."
  • the adoption of ballot-tracking applications so ballots don't get lost in the mail, and allowing ballot applications to be sent only via First Class mail, "which allows state elections officials to use their Address Correction Services to match registrations with more updated address lists, thus providing additional security measures in ensuring only legally registered voters receive a ballot."
  • sending mail-in ballots only to voters who request them and have their identities verified.

Perhaps another way to combat voter fraud is fixing the ballot itself. As previously reported by Human Events News, Mark Finchem, a State Representative from Arizona who has also received the endorsement of former President Donald Trump in a bid to become that State’s Secretary of State in 2022, has effectively taken his Arizona Ballot Integrity Project (BIP) national as of this past Wednesday when he and approximately 30 others from around the country gathered at the suburban Dallas offices of international authentication leader, Authentix, to create a process for introducing a highly counterfeit-resistant paper ballot. 

As currently designed, the proposed paper ballot contains multiple authentication and tracking features making it almost impossible to replicate by anyone interested in election tampering through the creation of phony ballots. 

“If someone has enough time and enough money, and enough determination, anything can eventually be counterfeited in theory,” Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Authentix Kent Mansfield said. “The key is to create such complex barriers that it becomes unfeasible to even try. Nefarious people tend to be in a bit of a hurry. Making the job simply too big deters them.”

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