Parkinson’s Disease Information


Follow my guidelines for eliminating accumulated toxins in your body, preventing toxin exposure, and making lifestyle changes to avoid Parkinson’s disease.

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    Weightloss by Habit Changing, not Dieting

    Weight loss begins in the brain. This is true for anyone who shudders at the thought of broccoli or is reluctant to give up the Standard American Diet (SAD).

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    Reduce Your Autoimmune Risk

    Painful, difficult to diagnose conditions can be avoided — and sometimes even reversed – by making lifestyle changes and taking appropriate supplements.

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    Clean Your Water of Toxins and Contaminants

    Here’s a question I often hear from my patients: what’s one simple thing I can do to improve my health? My answer used to be, “Drink more water.” Then I spent some time researching the topic and discovered that much | Read More »