Raquel Okyay is a conservative writer and activist in New York State. She is a Conservative Party Leader and Founder of Ulster Orange Tea Party. Raquel also serves on the Board of Directors of NYS Right to Life. You can follow her on twitter @RQPoliticalBlog
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  • ‘Goods for Guns Program’ not so good

    We would have a better chance of reducing fatal injuries of children if we stopped driving our cars and eliminated private pools. The reality is we will never be 100% safe. But common sense safety measures while handling firearms, vehicles, and swimming pools have proven to be effective in reducing injuries.

  • Mixed gun sales, more federal interference

    Mixed gun sales, more federal interference

    “Multiple military actions and selling firearms to other countries affects manufacturing and sales,” said Anthony Melé, president of Ami Global Security, an international security consultancy based in Spring Valley, N.Y. A sharp increase in ammunition prices is frustrating sellers.

  • Suit: Louisiana sheriff kept late son's seized shotgun, rosary beads

    Suit: Louisiana sheriff kept late son’s seized shotgun, rosary beads

    A Louisiana schoolteacher is suing the St. Tammany Parish sheriff for the return of her late son’s shotgun deputies seized more than three years ago. “It was the first gun David ever had. I gave it to him when he was | Read More »

  • Florida AG Bondi fights against gun rights

    Florida AG Bondi fights against gun rights

    Atty. Gen. Pamela Jo “Pam” Bondi and the State of Florida argue that any person is vulnerable to an investigatory stop and a search and seizure because carrying a concealed firearm, in and of itself, is illegal. In addition, having a permit is an affirmative defense, or excuse for a crime, so the stop and search is reasonable.

  • Louisiana voters choose gun rights

    Louisiana voters choose gun rights

    Louisiana is now the only state in the union to enact such a protection for its citizens. For us gun rights supporters, Louisiana’s proposition can be used as a template to further contain the acts of misguided politicians and judges who unfortunately continue to suppress gun rights across the nation, under the false assumption that gun laws keep us safe.

  • Okyay: Nojay for New York State Assembly

    Okyay: Nojay for New York State Assembly

    Running for New York State Assembly on both the Republican and Independence lines, Bill Nojay, if elected, has promised to effect positive economic changes in New York State. Nojay is a 55 year old Columbia Law and Business School graduate who understands New York City’s political culture. He also understands what that culture is doing to Upstate New York’s economy.

  • Okyay: Dieterich for Congress

    Okyay: Dieterich for Congress

    Too many politicians in Washington are in perpetual ‘solve all the Nation’s problems mode.’ Whether real or imagined, and regardless of the Constitution, they strive for a perfect world when a perfect world does not exist. They seek to control | Read More »

  • Okyay: Halloran for Congress

    Okyay: Halloran for Congress

    Halloran has rejected all of the nanny state proposals Bloomberg has initiated, such as bans on MSG, salt, and soda. Thanks to Bloomberg and other radical liberals in New York State, including Meng, there is legislation in Albany to prevent New Yorkers from smoking in their cars and homes.

  • Let's fight fire with fire

    Let’s fight fire with fire

    Fighting fire with fire is the only way to combat gun prohibition politicians who use inflammatory language, inaccurate facts and millions of dollars to convince voters that guns are evil and the cause of violent crime. Let’s start with New | Read More »

  • South Bend pols break state law to curtail gun rights

    South Bend pols break state law to curtail gun rights

    Complaints of firearms and ammunition not stored properly together with flyers distributed by Walmart containing photos of semi-automatic rifles prompted the South Bend City Council to contact Walmart attorneys to advise them to make the appropriate changes to their gun catalog and storage units. Walmart has agreed to comply with the agreement.

  • Okyay: New anti-gun laws do not make us safer

    Okyay: New anti-gun laws do not make us safer

    Our hearts go out to all the victims of violent crimes.  It’s a natural emotion to have sympathy for the survivors of the July 21 Batman movie massacre in Aurora,Colo. So, we encourage those who are courageous enough to reach out | Read More »

  • Becker takes on gun grabber McCarthy

    Becker takes on gun grabber McCarthy

    Democrat Rep. Carolyn McCarthy of New York – District 4 has been a thorn in the side of America’s gun owners since 1997, when she was elected to the U.S. Congress in Western Nassau County. She was propelled to public | Read More »

  • Go West!

    Congressman West’s down-to-earth, southern charm reigns in supporters of all colors and cultures from both sides of the aisle. What makes West so unique is that he is unafraid to speak his clever mind and steam rolls ahead without fear of rebuke, promoting conservative principles that often get lost in the business-as-usual attitude that plagues Washington.

  • Golden State devalues gun rights

    Golden State devalues gun rights

    They fail to realize, however, that the Constitution is meantto protect individual, God-given rights; it does not say big government can violateour rights, and do whatever they want.

  • Tampa an armed camp during GOP convention

    Where is the sense of urgency in 2012? There is none. Money to be made, police officers to be employed with new uniforms and equipment; jails were emptied out for space, and the city of Tampa, in a virtual lockdown, has violated our constitutional right to be free without fear of arrest.

  • University of Colorado thwarts campus gun rights

    The University of Colorado Boulder will do just about anything to circumvent the law in order to prevent its students, advisers, and faculty from carrying handguns.

  • Limiting liberty

    Our all important vote can reject public officials who act like herding elephants in their unending, meaningless calls for gun control laws the second after a tragic incident occurs involving a firearm.  They do not state facts or good reason.  | Read More »

  • The deranged will not destroy liberty

    Recent polls indicate that mass shootings by deranged individuals do not sway public opinion regarding gun control. Angered by this predicament, gun control advocates, who seek to capitalize on tragedy, are now up in arms whining that imaginary monsters, such | Read More »

  • Thwarting despotism

    Thwarting despotism

    America was built on the desire of the People, also known as Patriots, to separate themselves from the Kingdom of Great Britain, a government that our Founding Fathers said exhibited “absolute tyranny” over the colonial states.  In their Declaration of | Read More »

  • Construction of a killer

    Construction of a killer

    Let’s talk about James Holmes, he is the twenty four year old white male that entered a crowded Colorado movie theater and shot and killed twelve people, wounding fifty eight, at the Midnight viewing of “Batman” on July 21, 2012.   | Read More »