Retired Lt. Gen. McInerney is a Fox News Military Analysts and co-author of Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror (Regnery Publishing, a HUMAN EVENTS sister company). He also runs his own consulting firm and consults for Northrop Grumman on the KC 45 program.
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  • The Rise of Nuclear Iran

    We — and our president — ignore Ambassador Gold’s facts at our peril.

  • Can Five Air Forces All Be Wrong?

    Supporting the USAF’s decision to buy the KC-45A air refueling tanker from Northrop Grumman and its European partner, EADS.

  • The Bush-Sarkozy Agenda for Iran?

    Will Bush and Sarkozy agree to empower Iranian opposition groups?

  • Petraeus and Crocker’s Honest Report

  • The Magnificent Defector?

    During the Cold War, the occasional Soviet defector — some government official or military officer — excited little interest from us. Some did provide useful intelligence but mostly they merely proved what we already knew, that there was dissent within | Read More »

  • Iranian Weakness

  • Budgeting for the Joint Force

    National security is a team effort, let’s fund it as such

  • Endgame: Blueprint for Victory

    The answer is not to panic — the answer is to win, and that means finishing the job.