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  • ETF Talk: Taking a Shine to Taiwan

    Taiwan’s population is less than 2% of the People’s Republic of China. But despite the shadow of its huge neighbor, Taiwan is an export-oriented, developed economy with a bright growth outlook. If you are interested in tapping that opportunity, consider buying the iShares MSCI Taiwan (EWT).

  • The Fed Holds off on Tapering

    Nearly everyone on Wall Street pretty much thought the Fed would do some sort of “tapering” of its current $85-billion-per-month bond buying scheme when it announced its decision on monetary policy today. Well, nearly everyone was wrong.

  • ETF Talk: Investing in Singapore’s Growth

    Singapore, an economically developed Southeast Asian island nation, is rebounding, with a surprising jump of 3.7% in its economic growth in the second quarter after two consecutive years of sluggishness. The country seems to have been boosted by an unexpected | Read More »

  • The Worst Month Starts off Strong

    September is, at least historically speaking, the worst month of the year for the stock market. This year, however, stocks have shaken off the immediate uncertainty generated by a potential U.S. military involvement in the Syrian civil war, as well | Read More »

  • ETF Talk: The Pacific Rim Offers Opportunity beyond Japan

    Sixty percent of the world’s population lives in Asia, but less than two percent of human beings live in Japan. With those population numbers in mind, you may want to focus your investments on some non-Japanese equities in the Pacific | Read More »

  • Surviving the September Scuttlebutt

    Last week marked the final days of “summer,” at least in market terms. As expected, there wasn’t much market participation. Now, however, we’ve entered September, historically the worst month of the year for the stock market. This year, the September | Read More »

  • ETF Talk: Investing in Germany, Europe’s Economic Engine

    It was only in recent weeks that Europe pulled out of its longest recession since World War II (1-1/2 years) due largely to the turnaround in the French and German economies. In particular, the German economy drove the euro higher | Read More »

  • War Drums Beat on Markets

    The latest soundtrack in the financial markets can best be described as the beating of war drums with Syria. Since tensions in that Middle East nation have escalated to the point where U.S. military action now is almost a certainty, | Read More »

  • ETF Talk: Betting on the Iron Chancellor

    With the European Union considering a third bailout of Greece and most of its member nations struggling with sluggish growth and crushing debt, one country has done significantly better than its neighbors. Germany has grown its economy under Chancellor Angela | Read More »

  • The Rate Ramp and the Foreign Factor

    If you harbored any doubt about the biggest story in the markets right now, then one look at the action in the Treasury bond pits (i.e. interest rates) will disabuse you of that uncertainty. Recent data on bond outflows show | Read More »

  • ETF Talk: Take a Look at South Africa

    South Africa is a country for investors to watch. Key reasons include its status as one of the most developed economies in Africa, its gross domestic product (GDP) of a little more than a half-trillion dollars in purchasing power parity | Read More »

  • Higher Interest Rates and a 1987 Market Redux

    If you want to find out what the market is really worried about, just watch the action in the bond market. This is something investors have learned over the years, and it’s why there’s a market adage that says that | Read More »

  • ETF Talk: India’s New Central Bank Chief Offers Hope

    The economic woes of India that have caused the stock market there to hit a three-year low may be on the verge of changing, as the country’s Reserve Bank welcomes a new leader to assist the country in escaping its | Read More »

  • Losing Its Momentum

    Stocks managed to push higher last week, as many traders now suspect that the Federal Reserve will either keep up the pace, or only slightly alter, its bond buying program at its next Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting in | Read More »

  • ETF Talk: A Passage to India

    India’s expanding manufacturing activity of late is an encouraging sign for investors who previously may have avoided that emerging market due to the country’s slow economic growth and relatively high inflation. In fact, the country’s manufacturing activity expanded at a | Read More »

  • A Macro Data Extravaganza

    Today we saw a flood of alphabet soup data, with news on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the ADP report on jobs and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. Let’s take each one as a separate bite here, and | Read More »

  • ETF Talk: Eyeing GEMS for Your Portfolio

    When I look for an investment opportunity, I am particularly interested in recovering markets. That’s why I was intrigued when Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s announcement on quantitative easing spurred a sell-off in global and emerging markets earlier this month. As | Read More »

  • A Sideways Summer Stall?

    The markets have made a decided move to the upside since late June, but during the past couple of days we’ve seen a bit of a summer stall. Trading volumes have been relatively light, and the markets now are keying | Read More »

  • ETF Talk: Capitalizing on Japan’s Economic Uptick

    The Bank of Japan released a report on July 12 that revealed the country’s first real signs of economic recovery since 2011. Combined with the continued astonishing rise of the Japanese markets, it may be time to take another bite | Read More »

  • The Honey Badger Stock Market

    Stocks just want to go higher, and it doesn’t matter if the Fed is going to peel back quantitative easing, or if GDP growth in the second quarter is going to be a pathetic 1%. Buyers just keep buying, and | Read More »