Dr. Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and author of "Applied Economics" and "Black Rednecks and White Liberals."

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  • ‘Forward’ to the past?

    Despite what the left seems to believe, private property rights do not exist simply for the sake of people who own property.

  • Invincible ignorance

    The key fallacy of so-called gun control laws is that such laws do not in fact control guns. They simply disarm law-abiding citizens.

  • Sowell: Taxing the poor

    Sowell: Taxing the poor

    With all the talk about taxing the rich, we hear very little talk about taxing the poor.

  • Sowell: Obama's 'Fair share' and 'easing' rhetoric impoverishes us all, literally

    Sowell: Obama’s ‘Fair share’ and ‘easing’ rhetoric impoverishes us all, literally

    All the pretty talk about how tax rates will be raised only on “the rich” hides the ugly fact that the poorest people in the country will see the value of their money decline, just like everybody else, and at the same rate as everybody else, when the government creates more money and spends it.

  • Jensen and Flynn

    Anyone who has followed the decades-long controversies over the role of genes in IQ scores will recognize the names of the two leading advocates of opposite conclusions…

  • Hotels and hassles

    Hotels and hassles

    Since most people who stay in hotels do so while traveling, and stay only a few days in a given hotel, you might think that those who run hotels would want to make it easy.

  • Killing the goose that lays the golden egg

    Killing the goose that lays the golden egg

    The Hostess Bakery bankruptcy is a classic example of costs created by labor unions that are not confined to paychecks.

  • Nice losers

    Nice losers

    Mitt Romney now joins the long list of the kinds of presidential candidates favored by the Republican establishment– nice, moderate losers

  • Gross misconceptions

    This country is at a historic crossroads, and the path we choose can determine our future far beyond the next four years.

  • ‘Cooling out’ the voters

    From the time it took office, the Obama administration has sought to suppress the very concept of a “war on terror” or the terrorists’ war on us

  • Phony in Chief

    If you want to know what community organizers do, this is it — rub people’s emotions raw to hype their resentments.

  • Cheap politicians

    No doubt many, if not most, government officials are already paid more than they are worth. But the whole point of higher pay is to get better people to replace them.

  • Obama versus Obama

    There is a big contrast between Obama based on his rhetoric (“Obama 1″) and Obama based on his record (“Obama 2″).

  • An economic ‘plan’?

    Former President Clinton told the DNC that Obama has a plan to rescue the economy, and that Republicans –who stood in his way — have stopped him from getting the economy out of the doldrums.

  • Obama’s dreams

    As Professor Richard Epstein of the University of Chicago Law School has pointed out, Obama has made no effort to take part in the marketplace of ideas.

  • Risky business

    By passing laws to force insurance companies to cover things that have nothing to do with risk, politicians force up the cost of insurance.

  • ‘Issues’ or America?

    The America that has flourished for more than two centuries is being quietly but steadily dismantled by the Obama administration, during the process of dealing with particular issues.

  • The Paul Ryan choice

    This election is a test, not just of the opposing candidates but of the voting public. If what they want are the hard facts about where the country is, and where it is heading, they cannot vote for more of the same for the next four years.

  • Sports versus politics

    It has long seemed to me that there is far more rationality in sports, and in commentaries on sports, than there is in politics.

  • Big lies in politics

    Perhaps the biggest lie of this election year, and the one likely to be repeated the most often, is that the income of “the rich” is going up, while other people’s incomes are going down.