Greg Mueller is President of CRC Public Relations, and former senior aide to Republican Presidential Candidates Pat Buchanan and Steve Forbes. Mueller also spearheaded communications for the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.
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  • Reagan Coalition Redux

    Is President Obama becoming Jimmy Carter on steroids?

  • Attack Rush? Go Ahead, Make My Day

    Team Obama’s attack on Rush Limbaugh is a failed tactic from the Clinton years.

  • First Hundred Days: A Grand Old Opportunity?

    Gallup poll numbers show opportunity for GOP if they follow the Cantor Doctrine.

  • Tsunami Tuesday

    Yesterday’s 24-state primary and caucus results didn’t secure any nominations.

  • Florida Speaks

    Florida gives the GOP a front-runner in John McCain.

  • Primarily Directionless

    Romney wins, but there’s still no leader.

  • GOP Race Goes to Michigan Without a Frontrunner

    What we have learned from the New Hampshire primary is that as much as things change in the GOP nomination fight, they stay the same.