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Top 10 Green Job Fiascoes

President Obama pledged he would start a clean-energy revolution that would create 5 million green jobs over 10 years.  Of course, when the government tries to intrude in the marketplace, bad things happen.  Such as these: the Top 10 Green Job Fiascoes.

1.  Solar debacle:  Solyndra Inc., which manufactured solar panels at its plant in Fremont, Calif., received $535 million in Energy Department loans, and President Obama talked glowingly about how the company was “leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future.”  Instead of creating work for Americans after receiving taxpayer money, the company shipped half its manufacturing jobs to China.  In August, Solyndra declared bankruptcy and laid off 1,100 workers.

2.  Government Motors:  The bailout that General Motors received from the government came with a price:  The carmaker was tasked to create the ultimate green vehicle.  The result—the Chevy Volt—is a product with an exorbitant price tag that nobody wants to buy.  Despite vast government subsidies, GM only sold 3,200 cars in the first eight months since the electric plug-in vehicles hit the marketplace.

3.  Spanish windmills:  Spain’s quixotic quest to create a green-jobs economy should have been a lesson for the United States.  After Spain went crazy subsidizing windmills and solar farms, the result was higher utility bills for consumers, with a loss of 2.2 jobs in other industries for every green job created.  And each green job came at a cost of $774,000 to Spanish taxpayers.

4.  Solar debacle II:  Evergreen Solar Inc., of Massachusetts, which received $58 million in stimulus money and other government largesse, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in August and closed its plant in Midland, Mich.  Not being able to compete against the Chinese and their low-wage workers, the company racked up $485 million in debt and cut 800 jobs, with more cuts to come as the company restructures.

5.  Weatherizing stupidity:  The city of Seattle received $20 million in federal stimulus money to help homeowners make their houses more energy-efficient.  Some 16 months later, 14 jobs were created and three homes were weatherized.  Most of the money went to a company to train workers to weatherize buildings, but the lack of demand for the service meant those trainees had no work to do.

6.  Green (union) jobs:  After Obama’s stimulus package doled out billions to subsidize the weatherization of homes, the Labor Department delayed the project by seven months while it determined the prevailing-wage standards for those green jobs—a sop to the President’s union supporters.  That is just one reason why the program turned into a miserable failure.  In its first year, the program spent $508 million to create 600 jobs and update 9,000 homes nationwide.

7.  Green-car fiasco:  Green Vehicles received $500,000 from the city of Salinas, Calif., and another $187,000 from the state of California as it promised to create 70 new jobs making an innovative three-wheel electric car with a $25,000 price tag.  Little wonder that company folded without making a single car.

8.  Biofuel bust:  Before Republicans took back the statehouse in Pennsylvania, Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell helped support the ethanol producer Bionol Clearfield with $27 million in grants and loans, and by issuing $67 million in tax-free bonds.  But even a deal with Getty Oil to buy the fuel couldn’t save the venture from going belly-up two years after its founding.

9.  Do-nothing government:  Johnson Controls, which manufactures batteries for electric and hybrid cars at its plant in Holland, Mich., received $300 million in taxpayer help and created a grand total of 150 jobs—or $2 million per job.  That must qualify as a huge success in the green-job world, as President Obama visited the facility in August, using the trip to attack Republicans and a “do-nothing government.”  Yes, Mr. President, sometimes doing nothing is preferable to shoveling money into a hole.

10.  Almost two jobs created in Vegas:  Clark County, Nev., which happens to be the home of the gambling mecca of Las Vegas, received $490,000 in stimulus money from the U.S. Forest Service to plant trees in urban neighborhoods (more palm trees on The Strip?).  The stimulus that resulted from the grant to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s home state created 1.7 jobs (one full-time employee and one part time) and 11 temporary jobs.  You get a better return for your money at the slot machines.

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  • rebelyell4

    Quit with the Spanish windmills already. The Dutch did the windmill thing and the Spanish took credit. Windmills work, when used for their intended purposes. No one had electricity at all when they started using them.

    All of this is a useless discussion, so far no method has been created that makes it cheaper and more efficient to be used rather than our other methods. Untill someone come up with a better way, it won’t sell.

    So what is the real crux of the matter? Liberals are willing to make all things more expensive to get to their utopia. They are ready willing and want to destroy our usual way of life and make everything so expensive that we have to change to other methods.

    Until we as conservative fully understand that in order to prove themselves right, they are willing to destroy everything else, we will be at a disadvantage. Liberal are “unreasonable” people. Yes there also seem to be plenty of so far right conservatives who are “unreasonable” but somewhere in this world the scientists and inventors that found us everything else still have their genes roaming around.

    Methods will be found and this can be done without destroying the present. As a matter of fact, if we use the still abundant methods better and keep them cheap, the money will be around for the main investors in energy, the energy companies, to actually figure out the methods.

    It takes deep pockets to solve these problems, taking money out of the industries presently interested in supplying us with energy is about nuts. They will be out of business when the dino fuesl run out. If they find better ways, they will sell their product to us. Let the private industry folks get the ball rolling by making sure they stay in business and make a decent profit. Do not destroy what we have to create.

    Use what we have to build better ways. Keep folks working and let’s drill our way to better future and better energy soources with the money we make.

  • franknowzad

    Definition of”Green Energy?”
    Burning taxpayer dollars to generate democrat votes.

  • Concerned4America

    So what is the lesson here?
    At $1 million a job welfare is cheaper than job creation?
    The government should be prohibited from attempting to pick winners and losers in the market?
    If we just allowed open bribes like many other countries it would be cheaper than forcing them to launder the money through companies that are designed to fail?

  • JamesDrouin

    No one’s ever accused the intellectually chakenged left wing liberal Democrats of being “smart”, have they (no one other than people like Al Gore in any evernt)???  So, the FACT that, with the exceoption of nuclear power,  EVERY non-petroleum based energy form DIES as soon as the subsidies are removed is totally lost on the environuts.

  • RenegadeScholar

    Leftists prove how anti-science they are with every “green jobs” fiasco.

    They also prove how lying, corrupt and wasteful they are. Can they look at these and legitimately claim that there’s nowhere that they could trim the budget?

  • jdsilvis

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. How else can one explain the liberals ability to look at a rattlesnake and call it an earthworm. The Chevy Volt is a prime example. How can you call a battery powered example of efficient, clean transportation when it takes energy to charge the battery which is produced by coal fired power plants or hydroelectric systems, etc. Where is the 18 wheel semi truck that can haul 73,000lbs of freight with a battery powered motor? How do you power a steel foundry, which consumes vast amounts of electrical power to run their furnaces, with windmills? How many solar panels would it take to provide all the power for a city of 500,000? What do you do when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow? Any sailing enthusiast will confirm that when there’s no wind you’re dead in the water. But a liberal will tell you to use the oars even if your boat happens to be a 70 footer. Idiots I say, just plain idiots.

  • HOO

    With Solyndra Obama bought himself a $535 M Pinkie Ring with the labor of your children. This was in the great tradition of his Father of finding a way to drink and bullshit his way through life. Obama did his inimitable Pimp Walk with it before it fell apart and was revealed to be costume jewelry worth $1.39.  This is naturally of no concern to him now. Such is the Great Respect the Pimp President has for you and your children.

  • rebelyell4

    Right now a Spanish Compay has already been awarded 2.6 billion in US grants and loan guarantees. Money of ours is being spent to support the failed Spanish agenda on green energy. The company involved is planning to build in the Mojave desert and the California Governor has mandated that the California electric companies buy a higher percentage of green enegy about the time this new plant goes on line. Yes, they are using our money in Spain to prop up their useless exercise.

    We fund the exercise, then require the power companies to buy from a goverment backed enterprise and of course electricity will be about 20% higher for Californians. Quick, leave. I hear Texas is the place to go.To me there seems little left for private enterprise to do. Since the customer has no choice in who he gets power from. We are a captive or slave of the goverment. Unless, of course , you simply pack up and leave. Not a bad thought after all. Of course the popwer gets taxed by the goverment on your bill, doesn’t it?

    I’d appreciate it greatly if you would leave and go to some bastion of liberalism though, because we don’t want you here. The people of California are the ones that elected the governor and they need to realize what they are doing when they vote.

  • winston_wolfe

    The left never lets a crisis go to waste.  And when there are no crises at-hand that help them sell their malevolent agenda to an unwitting public; they will manufacture a crisis out of whole cloth to suit their needs.  This “climate change” or “global warming” scam is another in the long line of exploitative, manufactured crises meant solely to push the insidious liberal agenda forward and give the government regulatory oversight over every solitary facet of our economy and individual lives.  It is the biggest and most expensive con-job in history.

    They never let a crisis go to waste.  The only thing they are content to waste is your tax dollars.  The above examples are but a few of the many toilet bowls the left has been flushing our money down for years with absolute impunity.

  • jdsilvis

    I couldn’t agree more! What really kills me is the liberal practice of toying with the language to suit their purposes. A battery is NOT an infinite  power source in and of itself; it’s a storage device which holds an electrical charge. Therefore it must be filled (charged) periodically from some other source or it becomes useless. Suppose the American people just loved the Volt and bought them by the thousands along with all the other battery operated devices we have now and will develop in the future How long do you suppose it would be before the libs would be telling us we’re overloading the power grid and therefore we must institute government control over the amount of energy we use; with waivers to their cronies, like labor unions.

  • winston_wolfe

    Exactly.  But try explaining that to one of the hapless obamabots.

    Let’s assume for a second that the left was right and that man-made climate change were actually an existential threat to the Earth and all humanity.  And then, let’s just say we gave them everything they want.  We turn the EPA loose, cripple our economy, and implement every green initiative they’ve wanted for years.

    It STILL wouldn’t make any difference.  We are only one country.  Unless every country, in unison, were to enact the same policies…it wouldn’t matter a bit.  Unless you could convince China, India and every other nation to follow suit (which would never happen) it would all be for naught…as we are only one nation with a small percentage of the world’s population.

    So right there…it is plainly obvious that their entire platform is ridiculous.  Even if they were right about the science (which they’re not) and even if we gave them everything they want (which we can’t); it would make no difference; as we cannot enforce our policies on the rest of the world.

    It’s simple logic and common sense…which is the exact reason it is beyond the grasp of the liberal mind.

  • Henry C Avery

    George Bush may have left a few holes in the economy, and along came the democrats to fill them with money as usual. The mid term elections took the Dems out of power and the republicans slowed down the process but didn’t stop it. Let’s hope the 2012 elections fix all that

  • fiddlerbob

    The money spent on these projects didn’t just disappear into thin air. Somebody has it. Let’s look at these debacles a few steps further. What this documentation is actually revealing is the tip of the iceberg of a vast money laundering scheme. Otherwise, we would be seeing extensive investigations in progress. It’s time to follow the rabbit down to the bottom of his hole; all the way to the snake.

  • Soapy Johnson

    I’d question why NASCAR’s forced involvement in February’s Chevrolet Volt 400
    didn’t make the list …

  • lizzard1

    I don’t consider myself a democrat or republican, I am an American and I believe that all Americans should be pushing for what is best for this great nation. That being said I also believe that both Democrats and Republicans will jump at the chance to fabricate a ” crisis” to further their own personal agenda. I also think that the biggest and most expensive con-job in history is the smoke screen that all politicians produce to try and convince us that they have our best interest at heart instead of their own self serving money grubbing agenda. 

  • Paul Murphy

    Sorry editors – not even close.

    The #1 biggest green jobs killer has been the anti-nuclear lobby. Had hanoi Jane and her friends not gained control of this part of the green lobby, most of our energy would now come from safe, clean, nuclear plants – with cars and the like mostly running on water (i.e. hydrogen  generated from water using nuclear power) powered.

    The #2 jobs killer was the anti-forestry lobby. For example: everywhere the greens “won” the owls have died along with jobs – everywhere they lost, owl habitat has expanded along with jobs. Why? because forest fire prevention prevents, but logging provides, the kind of urban renewal the owls need to live.

    I don’t have the numbers needed to rank a few more – at a guess the anti-space/military lobby is #3 because it limited research. Remember: virtually all 80s/90s progress in mfg is due to 70s progress in computing and materials – almost all of which came from space and military research programs.

    So, ok, you probably just meant “Obama’s top ten green jobs embarrasments” but, ya know, that might include most of his cabinet…

  • winston_wolfe

    Only the left has it as part of their playbook to fabricate crises and exploit them to further their agenda.  It is in their literature going back to Marx and Gramsci, right up through Alinsky, and straight-out of the mouth of Rahm Emanuel more recently.  Woodrow Wilson would openly speak of the need to cease upon crises, both real and imagined, to advance what he deemed to be the national interest.  FDR referred to the Great Depression as not just a crisis; but a unique opportunity.

    Conservatives do not rely upon crises to further our cause, because our ideas are grounded in common sense and basically sell themselves.  We do not require a crisis to promote free market capitalism.  We do not require a crisis to build a strong national defense.  Our ideas flourish in an environment of clear thought, logic and objective reason…no crisis required.

    The left, on the other hand, could never advance any of their cockamamie schemes without engaging in rampant alarmism and blatant distortion.  Their ideas are patently absurd; and therefore necessitate a crisis in order to get them enacted.  Their worldview can only be sold if people are not thinking clearly and are panicked about their future.  Their insipid ideology can only thrive in an environment of lies and obfuscation in which emotion trumps reason; and crises are therefore as vital to their cause as the very air they breath.

  • another_engineer

     I have to disagree on space and military. You have no idea the waste of money, I do.  And regarding NASA, the only thing that has come out of that organization in the last 20 years is Anti-Seize™

  • Paul Murphy

    More than 20 years – really, since Carter gutted the agency. But that supports my argument, doesn’t it?

  • Jason Johnson

    Weren’t some, if not all, of these failed ideas tried in the seventies? Obama and the other subversives in his administration DON’T want cheap and abiundant energy. They’re ENEMIES of this country working like hell to bring it to its knees.

  • warrant4

    Have you all not figured it out even now? You can trust NOTHING; from either democrat or republican. Do not listen to them because they are trained and experienced liars whose ONLY agenda is getting and keeping power. And always at OUR cost. We must vote out every incumbent, no matter what their label, party, or type; every single incumbent must go and we keep voting them out until we are voting out “freshmen” congressmen. They lie and then ignore us.
     There was a working electric car getting several hundred miles to a charge and running up to 60 mph cruise ten years ago. They lied then and are decieving us now.  Declare yourself an independent and vote them OUT!

  • jacket06

    Have you forgotten who you are dealing with??? The Magnificent, Omnipotent, All-Knowing, All-Seeing, Lord High PooBah Obama! All kneel at the mention of his name!  The mighty “O” will pass an edict and decree that any and all green-house gasses that are generated from the Chinese, Indian, or other sources will be prohibited to enter U.S. Air Space; any polluting gasses will be stopped at our borders and turned back by a flick of the wrist, a wink of the eye, a wave of the hand to their sources!

    Now, if you believe this is true, I have some desert property I would like to discuss with you! Ah, Washington – where the lunatics run the assylum!!!!

  • joesolargenius


  • joesolargenius

    There are another 100,000 people whom think just like you and me at an organization named Get Out Of Our House which is called (GO) and they are trying to replace all career politicians and remove special interest money from the political process, you should check them out at

  • fliteking

    jdsilvis429 – - – I bet the Progressives hate you, they have a real problem with folks who apply logic, think for themselves and use common senese.Keep up the good work .

  • play_til_the_whistle

    I can’t wait for your “Top 10 Times the energy industry has screwed over the American People” or “Top ten Oil Spills”…

    Man, those articles are gonna rock.

  • larsmadsen

    “Only the left has it as part of their playbook to fabricate crises and exploit them to further their agenda.”  Are you sure?  Only the left?   Need an example of counter arguement?  All I can say is Iraq, Iraq, Iraq. 

    Senseless waste of resourses and lives. 

    “The left, on the other hand, could never advance any of their cockamamie schemes without engaging in rampant alarmism and blatant distortion. “   Does WMD ring a bell?  Get your head out of your Fox induced fog and wake up. 

  • kelander396

    I can’t wait until the Enviro-wackos learn that the energy companies created the Man-Made-Climate-Change Hoax. Think about it…in the 60′s and 70′s into the early 80′s, there were “Mom and Pop” oil companies. Then, environmental legislation started piling on in the mid-1960′s, with inspections, penalties, and HUGE fees that only the LARGEST oil companies could afford to pay. by the mid-1980′s all the small and mid-level oil companies had been wiped out. Only the BIGGEST, FATTEST, RICHEST oil companies were left, and those same companies are the same ones we are stuck with today. Using ENVIRONMENTALISM to create a MONOPOLY…Hmmm, great idea…Same goes for Big Electricity, Big Coal, Big Mining, etc., etc….sure the BIG companies paid $Millions$ in fees and penalties, too, but what price can you put on LEGAL MONOPOLIZATION??  CHA-CHING!! And when environmental legislation restricts the big energy companies, it creates “artificial scarcity”, and doubles and triples the price of said energy…Not to the energy companies, but to US, the consumers CHA-CHING!! And if Americans get fed-up with $4 a gallon gas, they may say to themselves, “maybe I’ll start my OWN oil company” they CAN’T because of Environmental Regulations!!! CHA-CHING!!!The whole environmental movement is the biggest boon to energy companies EVER!! And these same energy companies are now drilling and mining in China, India, Mexico and Russia with no environmental legislation whatsoever!! CHA-CHING!!!!!!!! Oh, wait…this reeks WAYYY too much of “Conspiricy Theory”…No one was supposed to know about this for another 20-30 years…oops!!