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Marco Rubio: Obama Uses the Language Of A Third-World Leader


Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) was very disappointed in President Obama’s class-warfare press conference yesterday… describing it on the floor of the Senate as “the kind of language that you would expect from the leader of a third-world country, not the President of the United States.”

All restraint on power abandoned, defeated legislation like the DREAM Act enforced through decree, disfavored legislation like the Defense of Marriage Act ignored, government muscle used to trash targeted companies like Boeing on behalf of labor unions, leaders with fabulously opulent lifestyles threatening the livelihood of private-sector class enemies… the Third World is, increasingly, right outside your window.  Tell me where Senator Rubio is wrong.

Better yet, prove him wrong, President Obama!  Get through a month without deploying a senseless class warfare argument, declaring any new enemies in the American private sector, or castigating citizens for doing the kind of thing prominent Democrats like “Air Claire” McCaskill do on a regular basis.  She didn’t just enjoy a tax break for her private jet – she failed to pay over $280,000 in property taxes on it, and extracted funds from her Senate budget for fuel and maintenance.

Let’s hear you denounce McCaskill as vehemently as you tore into those greedy corporate jet owners, Mr. President, and then we’ll know you’re not just a wannabe Third World despot, whose every action satisfies his need for power, money, or blind ideology.  Show us that the ruling class lives by the same standards you would impose on the private sector.  That’s how we roll in the First World.


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  • josevasconcelos

    Marc Rubio is a gift from God.  The fires from that temple of hope on that city on a hill is not out yet.  America Strikes Back, coming to a voting precinct near you…Fall 2012.

  • Adam Moreira

    Where Rubio is wrong, you ask? For starters, DOMA; had Rubio said this two weeks ago, this would not have been the case, but now the federal DOMA is in serious jeopardy thanks to New York State.

    Then, restraint of power: In order to be unrestrained, Congress has to be dissolved. Nothing short of that can do that. (If one is going to claim Obamacare, the ruling was appealed and is awaiting a hearing at the 4th and 11th Circuits.)

    As for the DREAM Act, even looking at Article #44571, Rubio’s claim there is false. Unless one is arrested for committing another crime that would permit law enforcement to check someone’s legal status (or there is a raid conducted directly by ICE), the ability to detect an illegal alien is currently not there. Even reading that article, there are no plans to release illegals (even if it means testing Zadvydas).

    What another Congressman does is not the President’s business (unless (s)he is running interference with the executive branch). Nor is what a private executive does anyone’s business (unless there are deceptive, unfair, or illegal business practices involved).

  • Dustoff

    Ahhhhhhhhh the gun mess Adam. That now all of a sudden O-bummer and his gang is forcing everyone to shut up or be fired, what has already happen to one ATF agent.

  • Dustoff

    federal DOMA is in serious jeopardy thanks to New York State.

    NO……….. who said he would not enforce DOMA. That would be O-bummer.

  • Adam Moreira

    Ah, but is that the real reason for his firing? Or was it something else and this is coincidence?

    Either way, get to the bottom of GunWalker.

  • Adam Moreira

    That was in response to the Massachusetts lawsuit, but unlike NY, MA did it by judicial fiat. The real trouble TODAY is the actions of NY State; because of legislative passage there, the federal DOMA is in real jeopardy.

  • TomsRight

    I WAS going to. I WAS going to, “point”-by-”point” refute the utter TRIPE issued from the keyboard of our always popular “Adam”.

    But, why?

    Every SERIOUS reader/comment writer here KNOWS that Adam is a waste of time.

    The REAL question is why did it take ME so long to understand it?

  • Adam Moreira

    Well, if I’m wrong, refute me point-by-point, Mr. Alinsky, instead of ad hominem attacks, boy!

    And yes, you are wrong, because you threw the red flag and refused to support your claim. Now, run along!

  • Sun Desy

    I am so glad finally a mainstream credible American legislator mustered the courage to say what I have been saying for a while.

    Outside of the US I am familiar with Indian political scene. BHO’s political strategy and campaign rhetoric mimic’s corrupt politicians there. They never run on their records or ideas that will improve the country, instead incessantly promise goodies to unproductive masses and fuel the caste/class/religious warfare. He has understood the power of evoking mob emotion leading to irrational behavior. Even though BHO’s policies has been bad overall to the entire nation but his ability to throw bones to groups blacks (skin color), Hispanics (make illegal legal), LGBT (blatant double talk) , union mobs (government coffer), uber rich (guilt), pseudo intellectuals (one among them), welfare crowd (government coffer) has kept his electability high even though none of the group is satisfied with him.

    This is new and dangerous to America and time leaders talk about it and educate Americans.

  • Sun Desy

    You have spewed lot of words but failed to understand the meaning. Tragic.

  • Dustoff

    We hope so. But don’t bet on it. 
    The ATF agent was on the news and he has a glowing history with many awards for his service.   I’ll take him over Holder or O-bummer any-day.

    Yet me guess Adam, you think the war in Libya is ok.

  • Dustoff

    Yes it could be and I agree is should be a state issue. Yet I’ll say it again. Our prez said he would not fight for it.  

  • Dustoff

    Mr. Alinsky***************You mean O-bummer and his many thugs.

  • 1Mojo_Risin9

    Whew!!!  Now that is the antidote to left-wing jive!!!  Obuckethead couldn’t speak those words, he’d melt or burn-up like a vampire, or some such thing!!! 

    I predict Obonehead is going to have a mental breakdown, he’ll come to the rostrum at his next presser, adorned in an arm-banded brown shirt, peering through a monocle, flanked by his Black Panther cortege, vacation planners and funky disco ball, smoking a scoot!!!

    Marco Rubio asleep, is light years more capable than Omugabe!!!

    Demand Obonehead’s resignation, yesterday!!!

  • Adam Moreira

    Him and @TomsRight:disqus both!

  • AlCashier

    obama is doing his best to turn America into his personal 3rd World fuhrerdom.

  • Niniane

    I really worry about the future of this country if you and your lib-indoctrinated friends assume the reins of this country.

    DOMA: Obama and Holder refused to defend it against legal challenges.

    DREAM Act: That which you claim is nothing more than DHS avoiding their duty to enforce federal laws as suggested in recent memos. Therefore your premise is false. No plans to release illegals? They are turned out by the thousands on their own recognizance daily, after false promises to show up for trial. They easily buy a new identity and head toward another state.

    What a congressman does is certainly the business of the White House, since politics has become more partisan than I ever remember. It certainly reflects on other members of the party when folks like Weiner, McCaskill, Pelosi, Reid, etc. are all welcomed into their ranks.

    As for unrestrained power, you forgot the Supreme Court who has stopped a few of the Obama moves. Obama would be in better standing if he did not insult them at the State of the Union.

  • Florin S.

    I hope and pray that whoever runs against Obama as the Republican nominee will keep all these talking points for his/her campaign and bring them out forcefully…the American people have begun to see the truth – that Obama does not stand for all Americans! – but they will need reminders or they will forget when Obama gets into his speaking mode rhetoric…I am an Independent but I know that if Obama and his comrades are given 4 more years they will do everything they can to take down this country and this economy…wake up America before it’s too late!!!

  • Florin S.

    I meant to ask if anyone is sure about whether or not Marco Rubio can run for President – many say that, although he was born in the U.S., his parents were not citizens so Marco Rubrio is not a ‘natural born’ citizen but…not sure. He would make a great President and hopefully, Washington politics would not be able to corrupt him.

  • Dustoff

    MORE bad news for O-bummer.
    The Federal Reserve’s massive stimulus program had little impact on the
    U.S. economy besides weakening the dollar and helping U.S. exports,
    Federal Reserve Governor Alan Greenspan told CNBC Thursday.

  • TomsRight

    I INSIST that you be charged with a Hate Crime.

    You had the RACIST audacity to call me “boy”.

    I’m calling the Justice Department IMMEDIATELY.

    Telling “boy” to “run along” is INDEED a Hate Crime, and I’m going to make SURE that you’re prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law, CRACKER.

  • Dustoff

    Hey Adam, looks like your buddy O-bummer is still acting like a thug…….. and breaking the law.  (-;
    Why is President Obama apparently defying federal law by funding

    Judicial Watch discovered that the Obama administration is
    flouting the will of Congress by giving federal taxpayer money to

    Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development
    (HUD) gave a
    $79,819 grant to the largest branch of the ACORN tree, ACORN
    Housing Corp. (AHC). AHC filed papers last year legally
    changing its name to Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA).
    It’s the same old organization with a brand new ACORN-free

  • Adam Moreira

    The failure on the DREAM Act stuff is more local idiocy than that of the feds.

  • Adam Moreira

    That’s racism? HA!

  • Adam Moreira

    Congress has been trying to close that loophole…what ACORN probably did is transfer its assets to a newly-formed entity not sharing ACORN’s past history.

    This is usually seen more often in the transportation industry when a company tries to run away from a bad safety record.

    Republicans in Congress have been seeking to close the loophole.

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers

    Obie is well away of the intent of the law, loophole or not. This bullschitt apology doesn’t fly.

  • deeme

    Marco will someday be called Mr. President, if we ever have elections again..Tell it like it is..They get angry because they know it’s true..He will be very happy when we are a third World country , we are halfway there.

  • Dustoff

    Ahhhhhhh. Adam. O-bummer is still breaking the law.

  • Niniane

    Time to ‘splain yourself on that comment. What local idiocy? The idiocy of American citizens who do not want illegals of any sort to be rewarded for their crimes? The determined continual erosion of the feds to avoid enforcing federal laws? What is the local idiocy of which you spout?

  • JenChris

    No, it’s not a hate crime, or a crime at all. Even if some a-hole walks up to a black man and insults him with racial slurs, it is not a hate crime. It’s just rudeness, and is protected by the First Amendment. Conversely, that black man is free to respond to said a-hole with his own slew of insults, [i.e. 'cracker'] or simply a well-timed middle finger. Or, if he’s a real wuss, he can sue in civil court. So…tell us, what sort of crime is it when black men murder black men, and white men murder white men, etc., every day in this country? Because most crimes, large and small, are white on white, black on black, and so forth. Maybe black fathers wouldn’t be disenfranchised in this country if Black Americans focused on fighting their true enemy – The Democrats.

  • Dustoff

    We can only hope Jen. 

  • Dustoff

    The determined continual erosion of the feds to avoid enforcing federal laws?
    Can you say Black Panthers in front of a voting area with clubs.  (-:

  • JenChris

    I can’t think of anything more awesome than an All-American, Son of Communist Cuba, becoming President of the United States. I hope he will run soon.

  • Roland Thompson

    Good for Rubio!

    It is past due that someone prominent call Obama on his outdated, Third World rhetoric and ideology.

    I call it: “Obama’s Third Worlding of America.”

  • JenChris
  • Dustoff

    OMG……… this obama nightmare just keeps on coming.

    Citing Evidence They Call
    ‘Contradictory’ to Kagan’s Confirmation Testimony, 49 Lawmakers Call for
    Judiciary Committee Investigation

    Friday, July 01, 2011
    By Terence P. Jeffrey

  • Dustoff

    Now we have this too
    _____________________________ – A video of President Barack Obama filmed in the White House
    and included in a fundraising e-mail sent to supporters is not legal, two
    election law experts told

  • deeme

    Totally with you and no one understands the failures of communism and socialism better then the Cubans…

  • sunkgleska

    Born in the third world, raised in the third world, educated in the third world. Thus , his actions are no suprise to me
    nothing more nothing less, YUP

  • colo43

    Bravo- well said.
    he hit the idiot on the head..

  • Michael Jones

    He was born in the U.S. that makes him natural born.  Does not matter where his parents were born.

  • Fred, Wa State

    How can you say that a memo from John Morton, the director of ICE, telling enforcement agencies to use prosecutorial  discretion when handling illegals who are eligible for the proposed DREAM act is local idiocy?  The idiocy lies with you for making such a comment.

  • Guest

    Were you ever angered by Reagan’s placing a wreath at a NAZI cemetery in Bitberg, Germany?
       Were you ever angered by JEB Bush’s Confederate Flag lapel pin.
      Are you an American or a Florida Republican?
      Clifford Spencer

  • FlaJim

    Regrettably, DOMA is unconstitutional.  An act of Congress can’t override a provision of the Constitution – in this case, the Full Faith and Credit Clause.  DOMA needs to be a constitutional amendment, pronto (a little Spanish lingo there that might help get that minority aboard here).

    NY has certainly screwed things up on at least 3 counts.
    1) Contaminating decent states with their immoral kowtowing to a tiny minority;
    2) Betraying the trust of their constituents who were never consulted;
    3) ‘Republicans’ in the state senate approving this because of the influence of lobbyists with big money, proving they enjoy their positions more than principles.

  • Guest

    Education is not the answer. Those Americans who are still alive know what the problem is. We need leaders who will go much further than Marco did. What he said is right, but obama and team are laughing at him right now. They ignore the law and (so far) all our side does is talk. obama, with napolitano’s complicity may have just guaranteed his re-election by defining away illegal immigration.

    The law doesn’t work when only one side abides by it. Liberty Valance.

  • Guest

    US Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, the requirements for eligibility to be President: “…only a natural born citizen, OR a citizen…”

  • Al DiPalo

    Wow!  Is that right on.  Why is this not being played by Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and all of the major talk show and conservative news outlets?  

  • DMTyler

    Are you are a troll or just imbecile? By the spelling of your moniker, I see your both.

  • novote4obama

    Both parents must be born USA citizens, for son or daughter to be elected president of USA, obama ‘father was not an American citizen but was a slave of the English colonial system, obama’s mother born in Kansas/usa citizen, both parents have to be born in USA.
    Besides that another african men adopted him and that made him a child of that country where he obviously got his 7th century muslim education about turning America into a third world country.
    If you remember your american history that’s why we fought the british in the American Revolution 1776-1783. Also read the Constitution which obama is trying to destroy. If we/they let this go with obama anyone from any country with enough money and backing can take over America.

  • oldman67

    We are always hearing about third world countries and have never heard of a second world country. Guess What. If Obama is re-elected we may be the first second world country.The Council on Foreign Relations has already said China will overtake the US in less than five years with a stronger economy followed by India. What good does it do to spend billions to have the most powerful military industrial complex when we have a weaking dollar and a failing economy? We can’t eat bullets.

  • Anthony998

    Go ahead, let them thugs bring their club to my voting area, I got something better, a concealed carry permit.

  • trekman

    C’mon guys, we all know that Obama and all his sheeple are above the law. They just dont apply to them.

  • Anthony998

    And now Obama wants to destroy another section of our economy by demonizing corporate jets, never mind that there are thousands of workers, from the people who manufacture these planes to the mechanics who fix them and pilots who fly them that depend on this industry to make a living, (most of whom are blue-collar workers, with an average salary of 35K- 45K a year) as well as the hundreds of other small companies that manufacture and repair parts and provide services to keep these corporate jets running. Yet none of those working people matter to Obama, just that the symbolism of the “rich” jet owners happens to be an easy target for Obama’s marxist class warfare.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    B. Hussein 0bama not only talks like a third world tinpot dictator, he acts like one as well, using his czars and Fed bureaucrats to push his agenda and flaunting whatever laws and parts of the US Constitution he doesn’t like. That ought to go over with voters and the press like an altar boy farting in front of the Bishop during Communion on Easter!

  • justmyhumbleopinion

    I can only say BRAVO Mr. Rubio!!!  We’ll said, well done…

  • globalcrap

    Impeachment is overdue. American military wake up, do your job.

  • EdinNola

    I would like nothing better than to have a man of Marco Rubio’s status, likeability, knowledge and drive as our President.  Unfortunately, you may find that he is not Constitutionally qualified for the job for the same reason that Obama is not qualified.  If his parents became US citizens prior to his birth, it may not be a question.  I don’t know the answer. 

     What I want to know is: when will the congressional investigation begin into Obama’s birth certificate forgeries and his “non natural born citizen” status.  As it stands, essentially all members of Congress are complicit in placing a fraud in the Oval Office.  They are ALL in violation of their oath of office.  ARE WE A NATION GOVERNED BY THE RULE OF LAW OR NOT?  As it stands right now the answer to that question is NO.  Congress should understand that the American people will not long stand for this chicanery and deception.  The piper WILL be paid.

  • Dustoff

     He’s a troll

  • DaneChile

    Every officer of the Armed Forces swore to support and defend THE CONSTITUTION – _not_ the C-in-C, not the Congress, not the Supreme Court and not the people of this country.

    What did it finally take in Chile when the elected president ignored its Constitution? The public request to take action started as rivulets, converged into streams and became a raging river.  The armed forces personnel were afraid to walk the streets because women would come out of their homes and scatter chicken feed on the sidewalks.  Finally, a segment of the armed forces finally acted in accordance with the specific responsibility as delineated in the constittuion to remove the offender from office.

    Is that what it is going to take in the U.S.?  Do we have enough high-ranking, non-political officers to do their duty?  As long as the Senate remains in Dem control, we will just have a rehash of the Clinton business:  the entire world knew he was guilty as hell but his fellow Dems refused to vote their consciences.

  • DaneChile

    BC?  How about using false SSNs?  Why did he “voluntarily” resign from the Illinois Bar?  How many passports has he had and from which countries?  Did he, in fact, attend Columbia University?  More than one class?  Did he complete the requirements for a degree?  Did he receive financial assistance designed for foreign students? Has he ever practiced law?  Handled any case?  Been inside a courtroom?

    The BC is just the tip of the iceberg. The other questions, while not Constitutionally-related, nonetheless could show violations of law.

  • DaneChile

    read another article today that mentions Hussein is coming apart mentally.  Look for a new seal on the podium “Office of the Future Reelected President” and after defeat, we will see “Office of the Former First Black President.”

  • justinwachin

    Whether it is using a press conference to criticize the legislators who are actually concerned about our nation’s debt spiral or failing to speak out against the corruption within his party, this president is one of the most classless people I have ever seen.

    His reign of error has plunged us far deeper into debt than most would have imagined. His administration has set aside laws which they disagreed with. His unelected car czar short circuited the bankruptcy process to the benefit of the unions and to the detriment of those who should have been in line ahead of them.

    As we approach Independence Day it is time for our nation to seek independence from our incompetent, corrupt little tyrant. Our nation’s best hope is for change in 2012. Replacing the Obama administration would be a good starting point for getting our nation back on track.

  • sewash

    Don’t forget he uses the world’s biggest “corporate” jet to fly himself & family all over the world.   This guy is a first class jerk.

  • Keith1941

    They also understand the Kennedy brothers’ betrayal!

  • Adam Moreira

    Local idiocy in not taking the time to contact the feds to ensure that someone is in status.

  • Adam Moreira

    Local law enforcement and courts, however, when they arrest someone, should be checking for someone’s legal status, before terminating a detainer.

  • TomsRight

    What a stunning example of the idiotic “society” in which we live.

    I’ve often said that there is no longer any such thing as parody or satire. You’ve made my case. Its not your fault, its ingrained.

    EVERYTHING has been so INVERTED by “our betters”, the “progressives”, that its become IMPOSSIBLE to tell when something is serious or MEANT to be levity. So many things that are actually beyond-the-pale are treated as run-of-the-mill.

    Example: In your WILDEST “dreams” of even five years ago, would you have expected “feminists” to champion the cause of Islam? Had someone told you that, then, you would have laughed in their face. Yet, we take it as a given in today’s “society”. Why, we’ve become inured to absurdity.

    My “hate crime” posting to Adam was SUPPOSED to be understood as sarcasm. Adam attempts to defend the indefensible on nearly every topic that appears on this website. I was–apparently badly–turning his convoluted “logic” back at him.

    The very NOTION of a “Hate Crime” is so FAR from Constitutional that in a SANE society someone proposing such legislation would be laughed/shamed out of the room. Unfortunately, the concept of shame has been relegated to history.

    I give up.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    QUICK, somebody call a WAAAAAHHHHmbulance!!!

  • TomsRight

    ANOTHER fine example of WHY I give up.

  • GomeznSA

    Aw Dane – there ya go just being ‘raaaciiiiisssst’ on us again (or so the msm says).

    All the issues you cite are very critical questions regarding establishing exactly who/what obama really is (I think most on this site pretty well know but would be nice to have definitive incontrevertible facts).
    Only thing I would add to your list is his Occidental College transcripts and financial aid records (you know the grants that were only available to foreign nationals). The BIG question is: WHY won’t they (msm) and congress ask those questions?

  • GomeznSA

    I’m surprised he hasn’t been asked to apologize – like Joe Wilson was (essentially) forced to do; and more recently Mark Halperin.
    Perhaps it is awaiting a ‘crisis’ moment when it will do the most damage to Sen. Rubio?

  • GomeznSA

    Sorry to tell you this Adam but all they did was change their (that particular part) name and reincorporate under it. Still the same goals and objectives. And don’t even tell me that barry didn’t know that……………..

  • GomeznSA

    Ah Michael therein lies the rub: SCOTUS and/or congress has so far (at least for current issues) refused to define exactly what that phrase “natural born” actually means.
    I think it is because if they do indeed interpret it literally then by default obama is Constitutionally ineligible to be president – they Do Not want to precipitate a Constitutional crisis, even it it would be the proper legal thing to do.
    OTOH if they broaden the definition then even someone like ‘ahnold’ could theoretically (and Sen. Rubio!) could legally run.
    Oh wait – they have already ruled that a ‘naturalized’ citizen (ahnold) is ineligible – so WHY won’t they make a final ruling on the definition????

  • nw_traveller

    Get through a month without deploying a class warfare arguement or new enemies?!  How about a week?!!

  • Hominid

    Is that sposed to make sense?

  • AKgunguy

    I have only one thing to say about, Sen. Rubio & the words I just heard come from his mouth. Here is a man that sounds like a leader to me. Ok maybe more than one thing.
    I am jealous of Floridians, their Sen. is better than Both of Alaska’s. We are stuck with Begich
     & Murkowski. YUK!
    That is only Alaskan’s fault, mind you.
    Great job with the Speach Sen. Rubio, & may God Bless your future with the title of Mr.
    Vice President, or even Mr. President. A truly amazing American Story.
    I wonder why you never hear the reverse of Sne Rubio’s story, you know Americans fleeing the USA to go to Cuba and how they make a better life for Themselves in therii new home?
    It could be that it doesn’t happen in reverse. Just a thought anyhow.

  • no_pc

    If Marco Rubio is elected president,the first thing he should do is give all the kennedy donated items back to the respective families. Just like obamma did with the churchill bust.

  • no_pc

    Exactly, as an avowed alinskyite, the ends justify the means. As a student it was advantageous to claim foreign born status to take advantage of gov’t grants to attend college. As a politician it is to his advantage to hide the truth of his true identity. Not one student can remember sharing a class. Passports, SS#’s, everything to hide who BHO is from the american public. I heard he plays a terrible game of golf and even cheats.

  • no_pc

    According to tradition of the time, natural born meant born in the U.S. to citizen parents.  Native born is another matter.

  • CitizenHill

    Man o’ man do I ever hear you DevilDogg. I live in Hawaii, and with Inouye and Akaka we are stuck with two long standing icons of the political left here in Hi. . . Useless as tits on a boar outside of a socialist agenda, just as the majority of the state govt for well over 50years has been totally liberally bent… I have never in my life seen such a concentration of the welfare entitlement state as I have here.

  • Christopher Wilcox

    How many times have we sat back and listened to tin pot, third world, communist dictators rail against “The Rich” or other classes who have done well for themselves? I laughed at them then and I laugh at Obama now. So what happens when big government can freely confiscate the earnings of a legitimate private enterprise to give to the masses? What happens when government agencies can tell a company where it will produce airplanes and who it will employ? What happens when there is little to no incentive to produce and prosper? What happens when these people decide that they can do better elsewhere? We become a deadbeat, command economy, weak, socialist nation. The problem with socialism is that it works until you run out of other people’s money to spend.

  • Andrew Mager

    I think the time has long past when Obama should be impeached for violating his oath to uphold the Constitution. Ample evidence exists, in fact, it’s overwhelming!

  • Nancy

    The human beings on this planet do NOT need “leaders” … unless you deem us to be stupid animals that must be “led”….
    STOP using that term.. that term is part of the programming of language.. also called blatant brainwashing~!!!!
    We desperately NEED ‘representatives’….. honest, commited, representatives.
    Wake UP~!
    The Lion sleeps no more~!!! 
    Long live Anonymous…….. we are NOT asleep any more… we are here… and we are NOT going away.

  • Nancy

    NOT dangerous~!    New? YES~!    Desperately needed?   YES~!

  • Nancy

    Because they are whores just like all the rest of the bought-n-paid-for media.. they just wear a “different label”…..

  • Nancy

    A LOT further than half-way.

  • Nancy

    You are being shallow. Stick to REAL issues!

  • Nancy

    The “American people’ have “stood” for more degredation and atrocities than just about any nation in history…..  so what is going to change the course of how the river flows when the Illuminarti controls all the dams and water flow gates?

  • Nancy

    Because they KNOW that the documents, transcripts and records DO NOT EXIST… and they know which side of the “American Bread” that THEIR butter is spread on!
    Wake UP American…GET OFF YOUR KNEES.

  • Nancy

    If Rubio is indeed what we all would like to think he is….. a BRAVE man who stands for “right” in place of the standard me-me-me greed of “politicians”… he will NEVER apologise for speaking the truth… and he will stand and continue to speak the truth… and lay out the FACTS for the wide-eyed citizens to see/hear.
    If he isn’t then this is just another dog and pony show cooked up to satisfy the irate people and throw some crumbs and bones to the ravening dogs OUTSIDE the castle walls…… “make ‘em happy” … “make ‘em think that there is somebody on their side in Washington”……. “that will shut them up for a while”….

  • Nancy

    Barry Soetoro (aka “Obama”) has done more HARM to the “black” citizens of this nation than 20 million skin-heads could have done in 20 years~!
    I personally know GOOD black people, who didn’t think this fraud was “qualified” to sit as president, but the admitted that they voted for him anyway’; “because he would be the first “black” president”…… They wanted to “believe” SO much.
    Even this one element of this nasty, phoney, fraud’s impact is a long-term disaster.
    The whole black community has lost any credibility they had BEFORE this monster came into their lives. What a loss!

  • Nancy

    Bull~!     -   What are YOU a government-paid TROLL?

  • Nancy
  • Nancy

    REAL “change” is on the way …. hurtling toward us confused, politically expoited human resources….
    Here it is:

  • Nancy

    He LIVES like a tin pot dictator too….. and he LOOKS like one…  check out any of the vicious dictators out of Africa in the past 75 years.
    The MONEY that those four “elite” creatures have squandered… money that the working people of this nation struggled to get and they were forced on pain of losing every thing they owned or going to jail to hand over to the IRS….. is obscene!
    The best of the BEST of everything… Air Force One to shuttle them to the finest beaches in Spain with “fourty of the friends” .. lodging in the finest hotels and surrounded by  Secret Service personnel…. eating the best rare foods and drinking fine wines….

  • Nancy

    You cannot “impeach” .. try convict or sentance a man who WAS NEVER THE LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT…
    This is NOT Clinton… Clinton WAS a ligitimate president even if he was NOT a legitimate child…. with a father. He WAS born INSIDE this country.. not in Kenya….
    So you can hope to see this illegal alien fraud, charged with “Attempt to defraud the United States” which is a major felony, but “impeachment is ONLY for REAL presidents”…

  • Nancy

    You cannot “impeach” .. try convict or sentance a man who WAS NEVER THE LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT…This is NOT Clinton… Clinton WAS a ligitimate president even if he was NOT a legitimate child…. with a father. He WAS born INSIDE this country.. not in Kenya…. ..So you can hope to see this illegal alien fraud, charged with “Attempt to defraud the United States” which is a major felony, but “impeachment is ONLY for REAL presidents”…

  • Guest

    There will always have to be leaders. Leaders give direction to any human endeavor, unless you’d rather we all ran helter-skelter each in our own direction, tripping over each other and losing the momentum.

    BTW, I wish you’d stop using language, also called blatant brain-washing. Can’t you just grunt or wave your arms or something?