Honor Killing in Texas

Amina Said, 18, and her sister Sarah, 17, smile happily in one widely circulating photo, and Amina is wearing what looks like a sweatshirt bearing the name “AMERICAN.” But their fate may have been the herald of a new, disquieting feature of the American landscape: honor killing. Amina and Sarah were shot dead in Irving, Texas, on New Year’s Day. Police are searching for their father, Yaser Abdel Said, on a warrant for capital murder.

The girls’ great aunt, Gail Gartrell, told reporters, “This was an honor killing.” She explained that Yaser Said had long abused the girls, and after discovering that they had boyfriends, had threatened to kill them — whereupon their mother fled with them. “She ran with them,” said Gartrell, “because she knew he would carry out the threat.” But Said found them, and apparently did carry it out.

Honor killing, the practice of murdering a female family member who is believed to have sullied the family honor, enjoys widespread acceptance in some areas of the Islamic world. However, Islam Said, the brother of Amina and Sarah, has denied that the murders had anything to do with Islam at all. “It’s not religion,” he insisted. “It’s something else. Religion has nothing to do with it.”

And to be sure, the Qur’an or Islamic tradition does not sanction honor killing. Muslim spokesmen have hastened, after the recent killing in Canada of another teenage Muslim girl, Aqsa Parvez, by her father to tell the public that honor killing has nothing to do with Islam, but is merely a feature of Islamic culture in some areas. Aqsa Parvez was sixteen years old; her father, Muhammad Parvez, has been charged with strangling her to death because she refused to wear the hijab. Shahina Siddiqui, president of the Islamic Social Services Association, declared: “The strangulation death of Ms. Parvez was the result of domestic violence, a problem that cuts across Canadian society and is blind to colour or creed.” Sheikh Alaa El-Sayyed, imam of the Islamic Society of North America in Mississauga, Ontario, agreed: “The bottom line is, it’s a domestic violence issue.”

But these dismissals are too easy, principally because they fail to take into account important evidence. In some areas, honor killing is assumed to be an Islamic practice. There is evidence that Islamic culture inculcates attitudes that could lead directly to the murders of these two girls in Texas. In 2003, the Jordanian Parliament voted down on Islamic grounds a provision designed to stiffen penalties for honor killings. In a sadly typical consequence of this early last year, a Jordanian man who murdered his sister because he thought she had a lover was given a three-month sentence, which was suspended for time served, allowing him to walk free. The Yemen Times just last week published an article insisting that violence against women is necessary for the stability of the family and the society, and invoking Islam to support this view.

Since Islam is used as the justification for such barbarities, it becomes incumbent upon Muslim spokesmen to confront this directly, and to work for positive change, rather than simply to consign it all to culture, as if that absolves Islam from all responsibility. For this is the culture that apparently gave Yaser Said and Muhammad Parvez the idea that they had to kill their daughters. It is a culture suffused with its religion, thoroughly dominated by it — such that a clear distinction between the two is not so easy to find.

The killings of Amina and Sarah Said raises uncomfortable questions for the Islamic community in the United States, questions about the culture and mindset that people like Yaser Said bring to this country. Now that honor killing has come to Texas, Muslim spokesmen in the U.S. have an all the more urgent responsibility to end their denial and confront these cultural attitudes. If they don’t, and instead continue to glibly insist that religion has nothing to do with what happened to these poor girls, the murders of the Said sisters will only be the beginning of a new American phenomenon.

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  • AMK1393

    Mr Spencer,

    I assume you would know that under shariah, “punishments” for fornication and adultery cannot be metted out without the officiation of a qadi who accepts the testimony of four witnesses, each of whom must have eyewitness certitude that conjugal relations occurred. Only in such situations is fornication punishable by whipping, and adultery punishable by stoning. And even such sentences can be commuted due to circumstance and context.

    The problem of honor killings is widespread amongst Arab Christians as it is amongst Arab Muslims. It is a cultural/tribal problem. Islamic shari’ah prohibits “vigilante justice” of all types.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6WNIDBEII6XPO5BCB43OVTGNMA Andrew

    The for witnesses is correct.

    Now how uncommon is it for 4 relatives or even complete strangers for that matter, to lie, condemning the accused to stoning, hanging etc?

    The answer is VERY common. As a Muslim from Saudi Arabia, and now very PROUD American, I can say I have seen this happen. Which is why I moved to the West, to get away from the uncivil, inhumane “culture” of the Middle East.

    Don’t try to quote Islamic law, when you know there are VERY easy ways around the stipulations.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/ReNeka-Taylor/100000388514514 Re’Neka Taylor

    HELLO, I believe our children has the right to marry and date who they choose to, we teach them how to love and trust and how to pick a mate. The killing of these girls are senseless and sickens me to my stomach, this man murdered his girls in cold blood their is no honor murder especially when its over something so petty as dating a person who’s not your race or religion .I have a daughter and we are nondenominational it wouldn’t matter to me what religion she married as long as she loved him and he loved her. Rest in peace Sarah and Amina



  • http://profiles.google.com/truthtrumpshate Robert Goodwill

    No one is claiming to be an Islamic expert. Yet there are many interesting things to read from the library, as you say. I have found that Islam has been quite cruel and despicable to non-muslims(and fellow Muslims) in history. Does Slavery, rape, murder, subjucation, and oppression sound good? Only if you’re one of the chosen ones. Honor killing and Islam are both Arabian culture products. Haven’t you noticed that the Koran is translated from Arabic? “If anything, Islam gives the msot(sic) unity and rights to people of all race and color.” How about gender? and why are the black Muslims in Africa still tortued and enslaved to this day? By Arab Muslims? Christianity did promote racism against blacks and other races. Who’s promoting a supremist ideology today? CAIR, AMA, Hama, Hezbolla, and the grand daddy of them all The Muslim Brotherhood. Based on the fact that Islam is a theo-political-social construct. That is not to say that many good people who are Muslims buy into all this. Many reject it in practice, but do they denounce it in public? Very, very, very, very, few. I have read and studied history. The Muslim population has been most busy conquering and enslaving. I think the last slave sold in Mecca was in 1960, the U.S. had stopped in 1854. Fox news(who sucks anyway) can’t really tell us anything about how horrible Shariah law is. Read the news reports from the countries that enforce Shariah. Its a human rights travesty! Look at Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iran, and Iraq. I admire that you come out and defend your faith. The people who need to hear you most are Muslims not Non-Muslims with bad spelling, and all caps. Christianity already had their awakening, its time for Islam to reform.

  • Val1101

    You have no idea what you are talking about. It’s obvious that you’re trying to combine your own senseless propaganda with seeming references to history. You are not a scholar and you are not winning.


  • Val1101

    Revisionist history, eh? You think that’s going to work here? Only an uneducated idiot would be fooled by your revisionist propaganda. By now people pretty much know what Sharia is. They know what honor killings are and who is to blame. Islam itself is “Arab tribal culture”. The murdering, raping, slave trading, megalomaniac Muhammad was just plain evil. No need to beat around the bush about it. Islam is doomed, it will not survive the internet age. Is your disinformation campaign focused on Islam or do you also defend Pol Pot, Stalin, and Hitler?

  • http://profiles.google.com/tsarsiberien Frankie Bossard

    Don’t you think that religion (islam), rather than “arab culture”, is responsible for ingraining those lobotomized zombies since their early childhood that kafirun are “bad” and that muslims are entitled to beat them??? And that he who leaves dar el islam deserves the death??

    Of course, generalization would be a fallacious reasoning, but denying that 1st generation immigrants coming from closed and sclerotic societies (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Algeria, etc.) are not dangerous and likely to be unbalanced is sheer ignorance.

    By the way, I wonder what you call “arab culture”? since arab culture goes hand in hand with islam in most countries… how do you discriminate?

    Unless he’s an idiot, the imam is not gonna say “of course, thoses killings were made in the name of Allah”… but it actually was.

    Let me remind you that 80% of violence acts recorded on the planet last year involved muslims (‘involved’ means actually almost invariably ‘were caused by’)… 80%!!!!!! No comment.

  • http://profiles.google.com/freedomlive Marc Hemingway


    The only peace islam gives is to subjugate all non muslims to discrimination or death. That is severe discrimination that is only given at the mercy of the muslim community as long as they want to tolerate infidels.
    Islam means submit (and pay up, or die).
    It’s method is by persuasion or force. And for those they force, their women (married women) may be taken in adultery.

    Jesus, however, is the teacher of peace. Muhammad is the example of mass murder and violent discrmination.

  • comments11660

    You clearly are the one who is misinformed and very uneducated you who calls yourself Mack is it? I don’t think so, Mack. Your name is more than likely Mohamed. So you misrepresented yourself right out of gate. Please tell me why we should trust one word ow what someone who lies about his identity says about Islam? I don’t trust liars therefore what you have to say is moot. Are you well enough educated to know what the word moot means? Just because you speak two languages, Arabic and English, does not make you educated. I dare you to come forward and tell us who you really are. Give us your “true” identity. You won’t being a coward and a liar.

  • http://profiles.google.com/lese23 Lisa Rigoli Maktoury

    “Comments11660″, would you like to step up and reveal your true identity as you are asking of Mack? This here is a fine example of pointing the finger and calling “the kettle black” as the old cliche goes … Oh, and this qoute, “Are you well enough educated to know what the word moot means?” Are you educated enough to know that this sentence structure is incorrect? It should read, “Are you educated (well enough) to know what the definition of the word moot is?” Also, Mack may infact be using his real name, “Comment11660″. This is my real name. Being a coward is not what this is about. It is about two young girls, sadly whatever religion was involved. There are all different walks of life that take lives and they are all isolated incidents. Take every horrific event in the news and analyze each one, what religion were involved? Oh one more thing, you mis-spelled Mohammed ;)

  • http://profiles.google.com/lese23 Lisa Rigoli Maktoury

    Al’hamdulillah Blake :)

  • Val1101

    Are you saying we shouldn’t blame Muhammad’s caravan robbing, murdering, raping, pedophilia, polygamy, and genocide because he’s just an isolated example of one bad Muslim? If you freely chose to become Muslim, then you chose to follow Muhammad. Did you think about Muhammad’s behavior when you made your choice? Were you looking for an interesting way to worship Satan?

  • http://profiles.google.com/lese23 Lisa Rigoli Maktoury

    Yes, this is exactly why I chose Islam, to worship Satan. No — this is not why I chose to become a Muslim, because it is not true what you are saying. We are adults here. Have you studied any of Islam or the Qur’an? I did not do this blinded. I studied for a lengthy time before deciding. Generally speaking, I am a very loving, kind, caring and would do anything I could do for anyone in need at anytime if I am able with God’s guidance. The God that brought us Jesus (peace be upon him). Not some Moon God, I still don’t know where this thought is derived from. How I am is a mix of my personna and my ways. Islam has taught me to respect and love myself more as woman/person. It has taught me patience, kindness, tolerance, and many more positive traits. Where have you learned of all the facts you are presenting here about Muhammad? The attire of a Muslim person regardless of gender is a individual choice and a personal submission to God, not anyone else. I don’t always wear my Hijab (head scarf) my husband doesn’t force me to, he is thee nicest, most loving gentle man I have ever met. Also ironically they are banning the attire in the Middle East where majority think that it is mandatory. This can go in so many directions, really. It is about educating and learning deeply about any topic. I have just learned to individualize society, there are many walks of life that destroy. This is what should be discussed and conquered/mutated. If I met you in life per se, without my hijab on, before knowing I was a Muslim, I have a deep rooted feeling you would like me. ;) I am a mother of four beautiful and accomplished children, whom are not Muslim, I take care of my elderly parents, a mentally challenged brother, who are three devout Catholics and we all live together. My husband is overseas now and without my faith all this would be very hard to endure. I have been through abuse and beaten from two very mean men in my lifetime, and they were of two different religions. These are just examples of lifes events and it is sad to say that it doesn’t matter about any religion, it is about individualizing. Are you aware of how many men and woman in our armed forces that are overseas fighting for our country that are Muslim? What is your thought on this? I want you to know I only want peace, and if you read the correct teachings on Islam, that is what we want. There are differences with Sunnah and Shiate Muslim, it goes way back. Also, I would like to add that there are so many, many sayings and teachings in the bible that are the same as in the Qur’an. True story. Now, I don’t know what religion you practice and it doesn’t matter to me. I only wish you the best in life and true happiness. I was taught as a Catholic from the bible, Matthew 7 not to judge and I was also taught this via the Qur’an. There are some really beautiful humans out there, regardless of religion or culture.

  • Val1101

    You sound like a nice person who, like many, have been fooled by a false prophet. There are so many false prophets. I’ve been studying them for 25 years. Muhammad is clearly the worst. The information I have studied on Islam is the Qur’an and select Hadith’s. When I suggest that you have chosen to worship Satan, I say this because judging by Muhammad’s behavior, his Allah can only be Satan. The fictional Qur’an has fooled many but the true nature of this man, Muhammad, is finally coming out for all to see. His wickedness goes very deep. The dishonesty of making up a sock-puppet god who’s only words come via Muhammad is dubious at best. It’s amazing how often Muhammad made up a “revelation” from Allah to help his own situation. In fact, every time Muhammad got into a hitch, he made up a “revelation” to help him out. Nobody who really understands Muhammad thinks he was a prophet. The only way to know if someone was a prophet is either fulfilled prophecies, of which Muhammad had none, or signs and wonders, which Muhammad openly admitted he could not do. Anyone can say anything so you gotta have something more than words. The Qur’an is definitely NOT a miracle. It’s full of nonsense and mindless drivel. One thing for sure is that actions speak louder than words so you gotta look at Muhammad’s behavior. All those murders and conspiracies to murder. All those innocent people who were enslaved and their property stolen as Muhammad’s “booty”. You must be kidding. You cannot possibly believe Muhammad was a good man unless you believe in lies. Wake up. Think about what you are doing.

  • Val1101

    You make a valid point Frankie. There is a difference between arab culture and Islam. The two have long since blended together in my mind but the time has come to get out the surgical knife and cut Islam out of arab culture or vice versa. Arab culture goes back for thousands of years before Islam existed. There are definitely positive aspects of arab culture such as the their hospitality towards guests, which has nothing to do with Islam. If I understand arab history, the polygamy and pedophilia that Muhammad was infamous for did come from pre-Islamic arab culture but I believe it would have vanished as it did elsewhere in the world except for the fact that Islam’s Qur’an and Hadiths institutionalized it and now we have Muslims still doing it in the modern era. Because the Qur’an is a work of fiction, it shows none of the forethought found in the Bible. It was made for one people in one age and it’s still stuck there.

  • Val1101

    This thread is about the common practice of honor killings in Islam. If you read the world press, you will find this type of thing going on every week if not every day in some country. It’s always done by the zombies of the false prophet Muhammad.

    BTW – not to gloat but Usama Bin Laden became a good Muslim today. I’m not saying that’s the only way to become a good Muslim. There is one other way: Ignore most of the Qur’an and Hadiths and DO NOT emulate the murdering, raping, slave trading, genocidal maniac who started Islam.

  • ThinkAboutGreen

    “Islam gives the most unity and rights to people of all race and color.” Really? In which Muslim country? Please, please, enlighten us. In which Muslim country do women and minorities have the same rights as Muslim males? Which Muslim country allows Bibles to be sold or handed out to its citizens? Which Muslim country has the right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and freedom of religion? Please enlighten all us poor uneducated souls who haven’t seen how wonderful Islamic law is.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BNBUKXAEEQG22CIJQJQY2XJYMA fm

    Then preach this to your fellow muslims and see if you dont get killed

  • virenderPrakash

    I wish you Good luck, if you like follow the link below! I am born among Muslims, I have been taught all goodness and nector of Islam, well all that is crap, if Islam teaches you any? That is nothing short of killing people, looting people and raping non-moslims…..that is basics of Islam know as lone peaceful religion on earth.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000696563268 Danang Dwi Kristiyanto

     i live in indonesia, most moslem populous country, i’m christian. the west is lied when the face of islam in the west is peace. those peace is lie, when they are strong enough they will do to your country like other moslem countries. For you who know christ but reject him and embrace islam, your fate is sealed. don’t do it. Mideast immigrants have a courage to force the UK to become a sharii state, it’s the prove. Go go, western resistance. Don’t let mideast countries/cultures enslave you.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000696563268 Danang Dwi Kristiyanto

     Even a calm and shy moslem guy will agree in his mind about his terrorist brothers, so these innocent guy is also a murderer, because he agree in murdering

  • Inderbir Dodwal

    How people link Satanism and Islam is just crazy and it shows how the world is now clutching at straws when it comes to Islam.

    Surely a Satanic religion would want us to LIVE IN THIS LIFE like we didn’t have an after life – because Satan doesn’t want you to have an afterlife, am i wrong? So why does Islam say this Dunya (earthly life) is meaningless and is meant for worship to God.

    Surely a Satanic religion would not dedicate 5 daily prayers to God. Satanic cults/religions usually hold gatherings on a weekly or monthly basis where a sacrifice is done.

    And no, Danang Dwi Kristiyanto – i dont agree with them, but i know WHY they contemplate this form of Jihad. All the middle east is seen as is a KINGDOM OF OIL, brought for a bargain! If i lived there, id be pretty upset with the West. 

    Before 9/11  - muslims or mainly arabs were just seen as comical people who “live in sand”. Since the false flag mission theyve been given a darker image in the media, leading to everybody jumping on the anti-muslim bandwagon. If you just research the religion for atleast a month, read both sides of each story, and atleast keep an open mind, you will see that you are all crazy for calling Islam satanic or false.

    And Christians…make your mind up about JESUS is he your god or the begotten son of god? Why do most of his pictures contain the SUN behind his head? Sun Worship much? 

    And before you call Islam moon worship – I can cancel out any argument with this extract of the Quran:

    41.037Among His Signs are the Night and the Day, and the Sun and the Moon. Do not prostrate to the sun and the moon, but prostrate to Allah, Who created them, if it is Him ye wish to serve.May all you sad people find the right path.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_S5LFQWU2EEPBWAJGKU37P4A2L4 Nayef

    It’s no use talking to them Mack. They are devoid of understanding and their hearts have been sealed from the truth. May Allah guide them to the clear truth.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_S5LFQWU2EEPBWAJGKU37P4A2L4 Nayef

    Murder is one of the 7 Major Sins in Islam.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dany-Casey/100000572277020 Dany Casey

    Hey man i hav seriously being trying to understand your religion, i get the fact tht prayin 5 times a day and all are good and pious ,but what about instances where thr Quaran talks about wiping out the infedel u hav to agree that is crap right ? If u guys hate us infedels soo much how is it justifiable that your using technologies concieved from our brains ? I have been scouring the web trying to understand your religion and all  i cam across were abuduction , rape, honor killings, and recently came across an video by one of your religious heads advocating that Muslims are troubled because the are not doing enough jihads and tht the they should actually be draining infedels means of living , i serious am trying to keep an open mind about your religion , i hav a lot of muslim friends none of them seem malicious though they keep taking swipes at my religion :P ,
    Oh ya http://noclipmode.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/prophet-muhammad.jpg this is one of the many picture of Muhammed i came across with him having a HALO.Oh also  we Christians are not in a dilemma, about whether Jesus is God or is the Son of The  God we call Him The Son Of the God.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dany-Casey/100000572277020 Dany Casey

    U seem like an amazin islamic expert ur self maybe you should stick ur head out of ur “anal orfice” and maybe get a new’s paper.Most of the blacks were Christians Now and thn .
    Oh and by the way ur articulate outburst on the people voicing their views clearly shows the Barbaric Strain in u ,and how is Islam going to eradicate these beliefs ,by curbing their women from experiencing life ? Or by wiping out the infidels ?
    Can u give any quotes from Quaran on the Peaceful and harmonious existance of humans ?
    The New Testament doesnt command that all non believers must be slain

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dany-Casey/100000572277020 Dany Casey

    No no Murdering a Muslim (Allah’s follower) is a sin,:P the Quaran heralds tht Infidels be bleed dry of their wealth and  then be killed ,lots of decent people get tricked by this shit,WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • liquidsnake78

    Hi,first of all i want to say that your people cross seven seas to come and pull us out of our houses,take our women where a whole squad rapes them in front of their children,fathers and brothers and husbands,then shooting them like they are some kind of…….and then you dont even expect us to protest ,come after you and do the same or even more worst with you.then you call us terrorist?your sisters,daughters,wives sleeps with any assfuckinhole,lick them ,make 20 offsprings(MOST OF THE TIME YOU RETARDS DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE AND WHEN YOU HAD ONE)and leave them to their biological mother deniying that they are yours),you shit eaters,self centered retards then sometimes support them by paying some peanut money to their raisers and in your heart you think that you have done something gud…NO,then you goto clubs,drink like pigs there and sleep with strangers,you porno kings,we know what dignity and pride you hold you asslickers,your pets even have name of their parents but you people are worst than pigs,just strip for money,anytime anywhere..but islam and quran is not for retards like you,just pinpoint something which doesnt even mean the way you fuckfaces express it,you racist grannyfuckers and are proud of it

  • liquidsnake78

    i agree with you,these retards only know how to strip for money and make the other strip for one…..iraq,palestine,afghanistan………and so many of Muslim countries suffering coz of there hatred,i suppose its actually not their fault,they inherited from there elders,stinking pigs where father fucks his daughter and mothers fuck their sons and sisters fuck their brothers and his freinds and then have bastards like them to stand against us,most of them dont even know the cause of theri hatred ,they just doso coz their elders are doingso,they dont goto school to study,they go their to learn,how to hate muslim and find new way to critisize them,open your eyes you fuckers,before its too late for you,embrace islam and slap devil on his face

  • liquidsnake78

    and after that i believed you opened up a porn live site,masturbated and wiped your hands off with your clothes and with the same hands you went to make yourself a ham burger….phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • liquidsnake78

    May Allah bless you and all of us for saying these great lines brother,i just hope that they must experience it and breakoff that mind control of their media barking against muslims day nad night and after all that islam still grow about 235% and still growing,hallelujah………

  • zahed Hoosen

    Being a muslim means following the teachings of the Quraan and the prophet (saw) …so your one other way of being a good muslim is incorrect.I eagerly await your correction .

    peace be with you 

  • Val1101

    Are we talking about “good” in the sense of good for society or good for mankind, or are we talking about what is “good” in the eyes of Muhammad’s Allah (Satan), or good in the eyes of the Christian/Judaic God? That’s 3 different perspectives of good: human, Satan, and God.

  • Claire Bear

    satan is the source of and epitome of evil. he is for anything that takes you away from God, which is sin of any form. it could be hedonism, embracing the things of the world and loving the impure things. or, it could being fueled by hate to lie, kill and spread fear among people. it is sin, whatever form it may be in, pure and simple. so, the logic that satan wouldn’t want you praying 5 times a day is incorrect. if you are not praying to the one and only God offers salvation through faith in Him alone, then it’s praying to a false god, and satan is for it, as that means you have another god before the true God. dedicating your life so much so that you pray 5 times a day to someone who is not the true God is exactly what he would want.

    arabs were not seen as comical before 9/11. they have attacked throughout american history and even tried to attack the WTC in the early 90′s. they had a dark image before then. they simply weren’t taken seriously enough and the first foreign attack on US soil since pearl harbor made the threat of them serious and our #1 enemy.Jesus is part of the Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He is and has always been God to Christians. Jesus is God, God is Jesus. Jesus is God that came to earth in human form to save mankind, as promised in the Old Testament. God promised salvation for the Jews and to create a new covenant with them. Jesus created this covenant by offering salvation through faith in Him alone.

  • Claire Bear

    all i need to know about islam i learned from their greatest empire: the ottoman genocide for a decade beginning in 1913. their attempt was simple: to wipe out Christianity out. the government did this by killing over 3.5 MILLION Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians. that’s no better than hilter and it wasn’t a crazy dictator that took over a county who is responsible for this genocide.

    as a Greek, i’m not fooled by any of this rhetoric. if honor killing have nothing to do with islam, why are they only present in islamic societies? spread by force and implementation by force is the only way this religion survives.


  • sara tube

    please watch this video Top 10 Reasons Why Jesus is not God – Joshua Evans – TheDeenShow on youtube and tell me if you still think jesus (may peace be upon) is still God. as a Muslim we are more Christians than you are as we love Jesus and say (peace be upon him) every time we mention his name. secondly it says in your holy scriptures that in the 1 commandment you must not worship others and include others into worship other than the one true God, nowhere does it say in the bibile that Jesus says in an ambiguous statement WORSHIP ME IAM GOd as the old testement and the new testement contradict each other. in the old testement it says WORSHIP GOD alone:You must follow the LORD your God alone! Revere him! Follow his commandments! Obey his voice! Worship him! Cling to him—no other!
    Deuteronomy 13:3-5 (in Context) Deuteronomy 13 (Whole Chapter)
    so reading this where on earth do you get that you should worship any other,Jesus,he always directed his worship to GOD, the one and only Almightly. please i beg you to find  a quote in bible (whatever copy of the bible you follow) the mentions where jesus says worship me and i am God, in context pleaseeee. because Christians really misunderstand the bible. and many bible scholars admit its not the word of GOD, its been fabricated and you have to admit to that because there are many scientific mistakes and contritictions like the making of the universe. LOOK it up. ISLAM is the true its holy book has not been changed for the past 1400 years, you cant judge ISLAM according  to MUSLIM, you have to learn the language of ARABIC if you want to get the true understanding of what ALLAH (god) says in the QURAAN. 
    and i bear witness that there is no real GOD except ALLAH and that MOHAMMED is his final messenger and salve. 
    finanly i hope i didnt offend anybody as i just want good for you as i want it for my selve the true salvation is by submiting to your LORD that created you from a single soul (ADAM) and from that made many man and women. so i hope siincerly that you can be open minded and put aside all negative right wing throught to a side.
    forgive me for all my mistakes.
    your sister in hummanity.

  • mohamed khodr

    lebanon syria irak egypt marocco algerie tunis jordan palestin turkey all this Muslim country sold bibles and handed out to its citizens.in lebanon and jordan and turkey we have right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly.all Muslim country has the right to freedom religion.

  • mohamed khodr

    this is true

  • andiep

    Why dont you go to a library and learn how to express yourself without having to use language focussed on the “anal orifice” and “male-genitalia” you ignorant idiot. What is that all about? You seem a little preoccupied with sex. But then its hardly surprising considering where your loyalties lie. Some Muslims like sex with children,camels, goats (check out your hadiths for how to do that properly),  and young boys dont they. Indeed go to the library and actually research honour killings. Where they occur and in which communities. Domestic violence, yeah right.

  • homeros8000

    The reason is simple. Most Muslim countries are tribal-rural areas. Tribal values and practices are more important than any Muslim teaching. I agree with your opinion about the Ottoman Empire. As a Muslim I apologize and express my great admiration for the Greek civilization. The Ottomans were Barbarians who used Islam for their own political ends, I’m deeply sorry, deeply sorry.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K6VZAS42Q7FCKTVW4ZBNXFINAQ express

    christianty has killed more innocent people than any other religion. FACT. Hiter of christian decent. Stalin of christian decent. the spanish inquistion christian led and of more recent history srebenica. to name but a few. christians go out killing innocent people. and their preists play with little boys.

  • Lolo1130

    Okay, can we get away from the religious rhetoric here for a minute??  The info you are NOT getting is that this man, who happens to be Muslim, was SEXUALLY MOLESTING BOTH of his daughters for years.  He went beserk when he found out they both had boyfriends.  The idea of someone else getting HIS “stuff” sent him on a murderous rampage.  The questions should be directed at the mother.  Police report was filed as long ago as 1998 charging molestation – why was that Ahole still allowed access to those girls????  This doesn’t have SH*t to do with ISLAM!  Christians molest also, so CAN IT!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UVEOPWM2NWSKNYG5F54OAZID5A suntkumar

    Refer to ‘Barenakedislam’ and ‘Satyameva Jayate’ you will get your answers.Its easy to fool some people but now most of us know your plans and we will resist by all possible means.

  • dman92

    To be frank, most people on public forums lack the ability to form cohesive thoughts.  More often then not, they speak from their emotions because they are offended by what they read.  Personally, I am entertained.  It never fails to amuse me how ignorant people are when it comes to something new, different, and there own faith.  Keep in mind, a majority of those who show the inability to use their critical thinking skills will ever dare to question their own faith.  The sad truth lies in a person’s need to justify their own faith by assuming that another is wrong.  I use the word “assumption”, because the proof most beginner thinkers use is the word faith.  Which, in its own right, has some validity for their own personal understanding of the supernatural.  However, when using faith as a definitive way to argue one’s religious authority we run into a conundrum.  There are no facts or measurable variables in faith.  There is only the trust and hope that what has been told to us is accurate.  However, when going outside the so called facts of faith, one should be able to see that there are striking similarities with all three monotheistic faiths.  Could it be that the same God actually orchestrated all three faiths with the intention of providing a rich diversity and dynamic path to the same God.  Also, most learned religious people realize that certain controversial quotes in their religious texts are subject to the times they are written.  Thus, they no longer apply to today’s standards.   More often then not, the so called religious fanatics are nothing but fanatics.  Their understanding of their own faith is so warped that they cling to what a desperate leader tells them to believe in.  It is quite simple, really, to understand why Islam is demonized.  A significantly small number of Muslims act outside the norm and true adherence to their faith.  Most Muslims practice peacefully and in direct accordance the the teachings of their faith.  However, the small number that does act out, act out of desperation or lust for control, not spirituality.  In addition, most of the disenfranchised of this world are poor and live on less then $2 a day.  In other words, more then half of the world is impoverished.  Keep in mind to that of the over 1 Billion Muslims that exist today, most of them are of this poverty and third world countries.  And yet, again, only a fraction of this group are fanatical in behavior.  Simple logic would tell you that if the faith is of nefarious origin, the number would be much higher.  Thus, it stands to reason again, that it is not the religion, but the individual that should be focused on in each and every case.  Should you be able to follow my simple logic, you would hopefully be able to understand the folly of equating an entire religion with the actions of a few.  I close my diatribe with one more simple logical analysis.  If Islam is inherently violent as some have so childishly claim, there would have been much more organized and larger Muslim uprising in order to “convert” the world.  Keep in mind, if you have studied Islam it is extremely meticulous and would easily know how organize a large mass of “holy warriors” if that was its intended goal.  As it stands, this has not happened and never will unless some kind of major innovation occurs in the faith…which is highly unlikely.

  • http://profiles.google.com/publicservant54 Public Servant


  • Claire Bear

    you are only Christian if you believe that Jesus Christ is God, hence the word Christian. Christian means you are saved by Christ and Christ alone. If you don’t believe this, you are not a Christian at all, so you either are a Christian or aren’t. So, your statement is ludicrous. 

    Secondly, in the Old Testament, the Jews are promised a savior that will establish a new covenant between them and God and mankind as a whole. He would be God in human form, doing away with the need to give sacrifices to cleanse you of sins, but to simply ask for forgiveness, because you have accepted God into your hearts and He has already paid for your sin. Obviously, you’ve never read the Bible. Christian believe that Jesus is the messiah (God in human form to establish a new covenant with mankind) that was prophesied in the Old Testament. Jews believe that the messiah is still to come.

    Jesus says He is God simply with saying I Am. This might not sound like much, but it is. He says He is the Great I Am. While Moses was wandering in the desert after he ran from Egypt, he came upon a bush that had fire in it, but it itself was not burning. It was the spirit of God and this when He told Moses to go free the Jews from Israel. Before He said that though, Moses asked ‘who are you?’. God replied with “I Am that I am”. So, when asked if He was God, He simply said he was I Am (especially all throughout the book of John). The most apparent verse is John 8:58 – Then Jesus said unto them “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I Am.” You can can also find assertions at both of these places: http://biblia.com/books/nasb95/Jn9.35-38, http://biblia.com/books/nasb95/Jn10.30-33. 

    So, nothing is contradicted, you simply haven’t read the Bible and are still trying to say that you understand Christianity more than Christians and that you are a Christian more than they are, yet you don’t even understand what it means or what Jews and Christians believe? How about you read the Bible rather than watch a youtube video?

    islam began 600 years after Christianity and thousands of years after Judaism. The fact that it’s 1400 years old doesn’t mean anything in regards to Christianity and Judaism as they are much older.

    An explanation was asked for what Christians believe and I gave it. I didn’t ask to get preached at by some backwards idiot that doesn’t even know the most important part of the Old Testament where a messiah is promised to the Jews/the basis for Christianity and still attempts to debate it; also you can’t even spell.

  • The Physics Chick


  • Rahil2674

     ”Where have you learned of all the facts you are presenting here about Muhammad?”  From the Quran and Hadith.  I’m  a former Muslim and have the Quran and much of the Hadith memorized.  I am Hafidh.  When I moved to the west I saw how much of a charade Islam really is.  I was always taught how great Muhammad was because in my culture it wasn’t necessarily always bad to subjugate women (Quran 4:34, 4:24, 2:282, 33:59, 24:31), to smile in the face of a kafir while holding enmity in your heart (Quran 3:28 and Ibn Kathir’s hadith on 3:28), be stern towards kafir’s (Quran 5:54), to fight infidels (Quran 9:123), and force dhimmi to pay jizya (Quran 9:29).  From a western perspective these beliefs are abhorrent.  But from my arab perspective this was considered Holy and Just.  Allah was strong and dominant, so we were to be strong and dominant.  When I got to the west I saw that these practices were evil.
    I’m going to assume that you’re an american woman who fell in love with a Muslim man and decided to convert to Islam to be with him.  This isnt how it happens all the time, but this is what usually happens when westerners convert to Islam.  I hope you can objectively look at what the Quran really says, and look at what’s happening in Dar al Islam.  If Islam didn’t really inspire violence and hatred, why have our homelands been ravaged by violence, even when Islam was stronger than the west during the Middle Ages?  You can’t blame it on western colonialism, because our Muslim ancestors used to be the strongest people in the world, and Islam still inspired honor killings, jizya, the subjugation of women, etc has been happening since the time of Muhammad, and is recorded in the Quran and Hadith.  I know Muslims often say “Christianity has a violent history too,” but that doesn’t excuse the calls for violence in the Quran and Hadith.  There are violent people in all cultures; the difference in our culture is that Muhammad himself was a caravan raider, pedophile, and murderer, and we’re taught to follow his example.

    I hope you can look further into your new found beliefs and will honestly question them.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MG35TSHJA7RNVINLZOIHYHF43Q Jazz

    Dear all,
    I believe GOD never allowed people to kill each other, especially using HIS name.I condemned all people who kill other people by using GOD’s name.It is not a religion. It’s humanism behavior, superior, misunderstood of the essence of religion, etc.In this century, people are not seeing the essence itself. They just see the skin and camouflage.I am sad to see this everything. My country, Indonesia, how many people use the name of Allah and kill other people. I am my self is a catholic. I have a lot of moslem’s friend that disagree with happen in this wacky world.I believe we can respect each other. Can control our emotional intelligence. Respect to human live despite of whatever their religion. I wonder if we can unite, and against people who use GOD’s name to kill people.
    Jihad or crusade is the same meaning, egoism to be superior in the name of GOD…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mick-Bolton/1065002974 Mick Bolton

    Religion  (of all flavours) has probably caused more death and destruction than any other factor on this sorry planet. Religion is at best a crutch for the inadequate who cannot face eternity with the thought of oblivion. At worst it is divisive, restrictive of human progress, misogynist and entirely illogical. Have you noticed that most religions begun by some self-appointed prophets (Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Jean D’Arc … ring any bells?) started after they had had a visitation from some ‘divine’ being be it god or one of his minions? Spend 40 days and nights in the wilderness fasting and praying and YOU’LL get a visitor from some holy being. The one at the back of your mind which speaks to you from temporary, or permanent, schizophrenia induced by isolation and dietary deprivation and /or mental illness. This is the way that North American Indians sought their ‘Spirit Guide/Being’ Then there are the snake oil merchants seeking their own aggrandisement. Joseph Smith, David Koresh to name just two. Religion denies facts and scientific proof until the overwhelming amount of evidence can no longer be denied. As Leonardo Da Vinci found to his cost.

    Religon should be considered a ‘Mental Illness’ and forcing your religious beliefs on impressionable children should be looked upon as child abuse.

    Atheists never started a war.

  • tomax7

    Mick, you are a useful idiot.  Communism has killed more people than religion. Stalin alone is guilty of over 20 million deaths.

  • tomax7

    Here, read the numbers http://necrometrics.com/20c5m.htm

  • memory_of_forever

    OH LOOK!! A muslim guy saying islam gave freedom of religion! well, I’m a christian lebanese… My friend has been told to remove his Cross if he wanted to get out alive, a church was bombed last year, it is the third statue of the Virgin Mary that was destroyed this MONTH only, two nightclubs in Christian areas selling alcohol were bombed last week…. those are only in LEBANON.. (which is considered to be the best country for Christians in the middle east, look what is going on.. that is the BEST option.. ) So take your bullshit and…. well…. you know  :D In Libya the Blacks are being hunted down now, Jews were told they are not welcome. In Saudi Arabia… well… let us go to a church there… oh wait, THERE ARE NONE. Egypt…. you have shed so much Coptic blood there that I can fill 300 Olympic Pools with it!! FREEDOM MY ASS!! 

  • memory_of_forever

    well… because Jesus never told the Christians to rape kids. THIS is what makes us differentiate between both religions. We understand that assholes are in every religion and in atheism too, but we are judging the leader, not the followers, because the followers, whether they do it or not, are supposed to be like the leader. Mohammed DID call to jihad and killing infidels till they have submitted to islam or payed the jizya, while Jesus said “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”. I have read both the Bible and the Quran IN ARABIC, so don’t give me stupid arguments like “oh you should know arabic to understand it, or you haven’t read it so don’t say what other people tell you”.  Think of what Wafa Sultan said “The problem with Christians is that they ARE NOT like Jesus. The problem with Muslims is that they ARE like muhammed.”  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HN2TV7MJNLAZCYACLTA2A3LZUM Thomas

    You’re so indoctrinated you’re actually stupid.

  • http://twitter.com/jonathanscottc1 jonathan scott cox

    islam is slavery. the koran is a terrorist handbook. kill the non-believers.and these so called people have the gall to call islam a religion of peace. people at the world trade centers got a good taste of islamic peace on that day. richard the lionheart had the right idea. kill all muslims on planet earth  then we will have peace. its not in the islamic nature to live in peace. they are haters from the time they are born. i hate sunnis i hate shiates ihate i hate thats all you get out of islam.everywhere muslims live in the world there is unrest. its there nature. remember jeusus loves you!!!

  • Godsamme Krake

    Sounds  like third time lucky with the abusive husbands Cant wait to hear what happens when you go “overseas” as well.

  • Karan Gill

    Please see how minorities Christian/hindu/SIkh minorities are prosecuted in Pakistan. How the same happens in Bangladesh. How Zoroaster( the original inhabitants of Iran)- are driven out their own homes by Islam, They had to run and take refuge in India. Islam with it unfair laws like Sharia – that dehumanize NON_Muslims are a way of systematic pressure on Non-Muslims.
    How did Afghanistan a Buddhist/Hindu country become 99% Muslim. There were scores or Jewish tribes in Mecca/Medina. What happened to them.

  • Karan Gill

    In Turkey if Christians cannot fully practise thier faith. Conversion carries a 3 year sentence. In Algeria and Tunisia in not allowed to convert to Christiantity. And regularly those who convert are prosecuted. See that n youtube. Neither can you openly convert in Egypt.

    Only in India/west/Japan/Buddhist countries you are free to choose your faith.

    Islam is SLAVERY. ONCE you are in IT. YOU CANT LEAVE. 

  • Karan Gill

    You forgot something. You also get eternal erections in paradise.

  • Karan Gill

    I understand your dismay Nayef. Having been a momin. I request you to look at this video on youtube.

    Is the Qur’an a Miracle?

  • Karan Gill

    These guys just don’t understand the Rasool-Allah Having been a momin. I request you to look at this video on youtube.

    Is the Qur’an a Miracle?

  • Karan Gill

    You are strong women of Character Lisa. I been embraced in Islam.

    I would request you to look at this video on youtube.
    Is the Qur’an a Miracle? 
    Who Killed Muhammad?

  • Karan Gill

    Mack you dont know history – Abu Fazal the court historian of Akbar writes how Akbar in the battle of Chittor killed 30,000 Hindues who had surrended.  Please read about Mohammed Ghazni his 9 raids on India. In each one he slaughtered thousands and thousands, close to 200000-300000. Indians were put to sword. The temples of Somnath were destroyed. Incidently the temple of Somnath was destroyed 6 times in different Muslim invaders. Any human being would not destroy another person’s holy site. ALLAH DISLIKES SHRIK.(idol worship) So they had to be destroyed.

    Read abt Mohammed Ghori, Timur the lame, the mongols, Ahmed Shah Abdali, Nadir Shah. How the razed temples in Northern India. There are no quality temples in Northern India, unlike South India. Allah dislikes Shrik.

    So Mohammed Tuqlaq, Aurangzeb did the necessary.They slaughtered millions of Indians, took thousands and thousands of women/men as WAR BOOTY. Took their gold/silver. Koran allows MUSLIMS TO TAKE WAR BOOTY. So poor people who had not even heard of Islam one day are taken away by Crazy Zealots who are just fulfilling gods word.This happened in India. Please read the history of Iran- not the usless history written by the Mullas. History is always written by the victors. Read how the Zorastrians the orignal inhabitants were forced and dehumazined by Islam and how a good chunk left thier faith and become Muslim.And how the rest who didn’t want to HAD TO LEAVE THEIR OWN HOMELAND -to sail for India.

  • http://twitter.com/Introducer01 Jay Kay

    …huh? Anyway honor killings have no basis in Islam… According to Shariah law these girls should have been lashed if they were having unmarried sex *pppchew* so in trying to save the name of the family you have forsaken your religion… Anyway guys we all know that these Muslims hardly ever actually practice Islam as it should be… and much acts are actually the countries culture or inbred doctrines.

  • bulhit

    @Karan Gill,@Robert Spencer ,&@Geert Wilders:Islam is SLAVERY  you are right, but in my opinion the slaves( the Non Arabic Muslims) can be freed if they helped to be awaken from their false dream(false promise of ISLAM )of islamic paradise (firdaus)- Read and understand the verse Q;9; 111-the cancellation of paradise in the afterlife, becouse the paradise has been given by “Arabic God”i e ALLAH to the muslims in this world -at present- (which is contrary to Surah ash shaff ayah 10,11 and 12 saying Muslims will enter paradise (in the after life) if they do pray( sholah) and other rituals/ duty of muslims).: of course theres needs of the international mutual -works, as I wrote in my coment on “4-stages of Islamic Conquest:/Civilus Defendus” in 6th Dec 2011 (coment no 55), Please read also-for more details;Thanks for your attention , I’m waiting for your further coments and discusions, also from other readers who love and want to save-guard the HUMAN FREEDOM OF THOUGHT and HUMAN RIGHTS all over the world ; Sincerely yours : Rahman Timur Jan 13th 2012.

  • spring83

    ohhh NO!!! Do some research and you will find out that honer killing have happend in more the a few diffrent religons just as Bettie Rage has said. Try goggle you will find info on recent Hindi and Sikhs honor killings. And as far as Catholics it just was not called honor killings. NOW WHO IS STUPID? 

  • bulhit

    @Lisa R M,You are a good and kind person without being Muslimah;May be you are happy being so,but I think that is only APPARENT HAPPYNESS,Islam has two aspects ,kindness on the out side but trickery and vicious inthe inside.You’ve caught only the out side aspect;Qur’an is somekind of puzle book,read Q,2;193 for example,it is the instruction to kill !? Will it make you happy now after you read it? So my sugestion is re read some comment inthis article from Danang, Bulhit, Rahill2674,.. and some others ;Also reread from Ali Sina ,to know more of evil verses;, Geert Wilders,to know more about Mulims behaviour and demands to Europe,,Vijay Kumar-to know more about the real fact of Islam , Civilus Defendus about “4 stages of islamic conquest”including the appropriate coments” and other articles; And hoping that you can reconsider go back to your families religion , it will make happiness to your brothers, daughters and so on ( but I dont know about your husband?). Imagine ( remember the hit of theBeatels- play it in your mind,) -being in Islam is like you are in a lift,going down to the base of humanity without your awareness. – Andwhen you open the door, you could be fainted  when you realize you’vebeen robbed your Humanity, Dignity and also your Wallet . Thank you; Sincerely yours ,waiting for your back-comment, after you’ve read and re-read all my suggestion.  Bulhit Feb 11th 2012.

  • bulhit

    quote: “Islam means submit or die,it’s method is by persuasion or force “? I think its not quite right Mr. Hemingway, May be the right one is: Islam is  ” persuasion, deceit, lies, intimidation,ridicule,threath,slander,acting as if they are the victims,demanding persistently- to the victims/the real victims ; and  If the victims resist- KILL!” and then sanctified by ” INTHE NAME of Allah”    -PERFECT*      What a PERFECT RELIGION!?   So be carefull , dont be fooled with the word perfect if it comes from Arab;   PERFECT*   can  means “PERFECTLY- BAD and  EVIL”.  And if they come near you , you have the right to sent them away.  Feb.2012

  • StevenBelsky


  • davepinoy

     Obviously you dont even know your quran, hadith, and sunnah….mohammed phlagiarized the Old and New testament and his other legacies are, hate, kill, massacre, and all sorts of sexual perversion…..If you dont know that by reading your own islamic literature…I pity you

  • wisegal1958

    Your ignorance in this is astounding.  Keep denying the evidence if you wish to look like a fool.

  • wisegal1958

    Yup.  Keep denying the evidence if you wish to look like a fool!

  • wisegal1958

    You, that’s who.  Keep denying the evidence if you wish to look like a fool.  Now you are going to try to say any and every other thing is “honor killing” but wasn’t called honor killing.  Nice smoke screen but it’s a crock.  Again, keep denying the evidence if you wish to look like a fool.  Keep on pretending and hope you can convince others to pretend with you.

  • wisegal1958

    What a load of maure!  Islam is the BIGGEST oppressor in the world.  Sharia is as bad, or worse, than communism.  Spare us your lies and propoganda, mack.  The smoke you’re blowing isn’t fooling anyone.  Again, keep denying the evidence if you wish to look like a fool.  Nobody is buying what you’re shoveling. 

  • wisegal1958

    Right.  And all those Christians that have been killed and churches burned are all “accidents” I suppose?  Yeah, right.  We aren’t buying what you are shoveling.  Keep denying.  Keep pretending.  Nobody is going to “pretend” with you anymore.  Well, except your other Muslim pretender buddies.

  • spring83

    Killing women for acting or doing things that a religion or secioty decide is unacceptable is the same as an honor killing. The Catholics called them witches, but that was along time ago. However the Hindi and Sikhs honor killings that are infact being called honor killing are all over the internet. Check it out then respond. I’m not denying anything I’m just letting u know that honor killing is not just happening to Muslims girls.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shoryo-Tombo/100001491632785 Shoryo Tombo

     Thank the gods and allah who ever the hell he is that I am an atheist.  These religions are nothing more but man made and hateful.  There is nothing more violent than christians and islams.  PPPCHEWWW on allah and jesus. 

  • Victoria Coghlan

     You sound angry.

  • Tom Baden

    I know you are correct. I know that Muhammed was a pedophile child molester and that he calls or the killing of all others. Silly muslims think we will put up with this forever are mistaken. We are letting Islam prove itself for what it really is and then we will destroy it world wide.